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I loved the Children of Earth Episodes. However, I'm more excited about the new Torchwood series they're filming in LA right now. It's going to be on TV this summer. Bill Pullman and Taye Diggs are in it! I'm curious.

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The only thing I can think of is to clean up some of the nudity and swear words you can't use on American TV, but BBC America does a fine job already. All three seasons are on On Demand now, but I prefer to watch the unedited versions online. Question? Have you purchased any DVD's from the BBC America shop? Do you know if the edits they sell on the American versions of the DVD's are the original British ones, or cleaned up for American TV? Usually I wait to make a trip to the UK or buy the region 2 versions online, but I'd hate to waste money on something like that.

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Also, since we're on this topic, check out the UK version of Being Human. It's fantastic, don't waste your time with the American version, the production quality is shit, and the acting is even worse. I don't understand why they couldn't just air the originals on SYFY if they wanted them that bad.

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If you start with Torchwood series 1, you don't have to really watch Doctor Who, unless you want to get some background on who Capt. Jack Harkness is. But the acting and writing is fantastic! And I want to have John Barrowman's babies.

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Muni is a public transportation system like any other. Wasting money is what they do and do well. Have you done any voiceover work in any other languages? I'm convinced they get the same lady to do the muni voiceover work for the announcements in Spanish and Chinese.

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Nah, they changed it sometime last year. The lady who does the voice is different. I'm trying to dig up the link. Apparently she's from Texas and had never been here, but yeah. Shit happens, but it amuses me.

Edit: They changed it in December 2009, so right after your visit. Here's the link

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No way, that's you? By the way, not to be picky but you pronounced some street names wrong. Mainly Valencia st. Unless you're the voice that was before they re-recorded all the stop names again, like two years ago or something. I remember hearing about this on the news, you're form Texas no?

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I completely agree!! I'm such a slut for Joel McHale, between Community and The Soup I can have Mchale and his sexiness in my living room every day.

I think the fact that it is still pretty low-key allows it to do such bizarre things and get away with it, much to my pleasure. Solid ensemble indeed. I hope NBC doesn't touch it.

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Agreed. I'm in SF here too, and I want to go out and run some errands and hope that the rain lets up for a bit to do so, but not today. I'm still in PJ's and contemplating a nap.

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Yeah, for sure. I cook alot but mostly for myself as well. You can freeze pretty much anything, it helps though to invest in some decent tupperware or freezer bags. The you can just throw it in the skillet frozen and cook it up again.