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She wasn't bad. Moderate physical attractiveness seemed to be her only positive quality.

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You couldn't pay me to visit Arizona. Alas, this is one of our neighborhood favorites in the East Village of NYC. I'm reluctant to share the name because this is very out of the ordinary for them. I hope she got shit-canned and I never have to see her there again.

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So this happened last night:

Boyfriend and I went out to one of our neighborhood go-to spots for a late dinner. A new waitress who we've never seen before is assigned to our table. Her eyes are watery, she seems a little out of it, and she doesn't make eye contact. We place our order, which is simple enough. Five bullet points, really: Grilled chicken caesar wrap w/ regular fries, the BBQ fried chicken sandwich grilled rather than fried, with BBQ sauce on the side and sweet potato fries.

After a long wait, without a second visit from the waitress to refill drinks or anything, a busboy delivers our order. I got a turkey burger with a bunch of onions and peppers on it, and BF got a fried chicken sandwich with BBQ sauce on it. We inform busboy that it's not what we ordered and he takes the food away.

We watch from afar as he and the waitress have a rather heated argument for nearly 5 minutes, wondering the whole time "Why the hell aren't they fixing our order?!"

The waitress grabs the now-cold plates of food from the busboy and stomps over to our table. And here's how it went:

Horrible Waitress: "Hi, so you said I got your order wrong?!"
BF: <Flabbergasted stare>
Me: "Yes, this isn't the food that we ordered."

HW: "Well, this is what you ordered, so I just want to understand what happened."
BF: <Angry Glare>
Me: "Ok, well for starters I ordered a grilled chicken caesar wrap, and I don't even know what that is."
HW: <getting huffy> "It's a turkey fajita burger."
BF: <Steam beginning to emerge from his ears>
Me: "Perhaps you mis-heard me. I ordered the grilled chicken caesar wrap. I believe it's called the 'Caesar Romano' on the menu."
HW: <rolls eyes> "I know what it's called."

HW: <turns to boyfriend and thrusts cold plate of food at him, as if to tell him he should take it> "And YOU ordered the BBQ chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries. That's what you got!"
Me: <thinking> "Oh shit, he's going to freak out on her...calm down baby, calm down..."
BF: "Yes, that's the BBQ chicken sandwich, but I asked for it grilled and with the BBQ sauce on the side. This is fried and has BBQ sauce on it."
HW: <rolls eyes dramatically> "The BBQ chicken sandwich doesn't COME grilled. Here." <attempts to set cold plate of food in front of boyfriend>

BF: "I don't want that cold food! I've been coming here for 10 years and have always ordered the BBQ sandwich grilled and not fried."
HW: "I don't know what to tell you, I asked the manager <this is totes a lie, y'all...remember she spent 5 minutes arguing with a busboy>, it doesn't say on the menu that you can substitute grilled chicken. We don't make it like that." <attempts again to set cold food in front of boyfriend>

Me: <thinking> "Ohhhhh, shit....keep calm baby...just keep calm!"
BF: "It says on your website, which we order delivery from almost weekly, that you can. Here, let me show you on my phone."
HW: "I don't need to see your phone. I know what the manager told me."

BF: <standing> "Well let me go talk to the manager."
HW: <turns to me, with major bitch face> "Do you still want a chicken caesar wrap?"
Me: <chuckling and nodding my head at BF who is having a little chat with the manager> "Let's just see how this plays out."

After confirming w/ the manager that the dumb betch was wrong and we were right, we told them "No, we do not wish to wait for our correct order, we'll be taking our business elsewhere."

End Scene

I hope she gets her ass fired. There is NOTHING worse than stupidity paired with rudeness.

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Hey back!

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Here's his Photo Set from Sandy. I love this shot from our roof during the blackout.

Re marathon: I was a little bummed but understood completely. It was actually a source of stress during the week because we were living like nomads and I had a 26 mile race to run on Sunday. I wish they'd cancelled it earlier. I'm hearing I have a guaranteed in for 2013, but that (like many things with NYRR) remains unresolved and unconfirmed. :-/

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Haha...Sessy times conversations work better when you are fully up to speed with using the phone. Can you imagine? "You want to put my hand where? Can you spell that? In the grass?"

Hang in there! It's got to be nerve-wracking, so I'm sending good juju your way.

Our place didn't flood or anything. The power plant explosion was on 14th and C and we live at 4th and we were without power for the week. It was a fun vacation. We would venture uptown to different friends' places to shower and charge our phones before heading into "The Darklands" at night to crash. NY really was two different cities. It was crazy!

By Thursday we'd had enough and threw in the towel to go stay at my sister's place in Westchester for a couple of nights. We were loving the electricity out there and Little Man was loving the big backyard.

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Hola GI!

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I'm going to do the Gangnam skip to my bank before lunch...just for shits and giggles. :-)

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There's an "in memoriam" thread? That makes me sad...

The ears are awesome! Talking on the phone is the last piece of the puzzle...but I've been lazy about practicing that. Supposed to call PuddingCupBeard every day to discuss lunch (predictable topic), but we've both been busy so it's more like one lunch call a week.

How are you?! Miss you.