Deadliest Sin

Deadliest Sin


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" one point during the show, Sam Waterston very clearly says he runs the news division of a news network. I have no idea what the other divisions are."
I work at a TV station, so I can explain this a bit, at least from my limited knowledge.
Besides news divisions/departments, there is usually a creative services department (Does the promos, graphics for the "look" of the station or network, creative fancy stuff), operations department (The people who run the control room - audio, switching, directing, on-air graphics, teleprompting, studio staff), technical services and/or IT department (They fix everything we break and keep the server farms running), sales staff (Since commercials are how we make our money to pay everyone) and support staff (Receptionist, someone to work at shipping and receiving, security guards for overnight, human resources etc.).

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So next season- will she be Harris, or back to Holloway?

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I'm sure there are lots of historical moments I'd love to attend, but the first thing I thought of when reading the question was, I'd love to go back and attend my parent's wedding.

EDIT: Oh, here's one- I'd love to witness the glory years of the Edmonton Oiler's Stanley Cup run in the 1980's and see Wayne Gretzky hoist the cup over his head at the arena. I hear it was an incredible time in my city.

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I am the same way!

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She couldn't give up being Effie Trinket, could she?

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It's been one of those days. T-Fucking-GIF.

.Gifs go in the reply.

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Well, there is that...

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Oh, it is complete smut, and pretty close to Twilight. I find it interesting how the fascination over it has grown. I'm not sure if I am ashamed to admit I'm reading it... but wanted to see what everyone on here feels about it. It's a bit of a completely unrealistic fantasy, which feminists would hate.
I have read better erotica, that's for sure.
However, there are parts of the book where I wouldn't mind being the main character. The number of orgasms - and the ease at which she has them - is something to be envied!

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Sounds like my mother-in-law. My condolences.

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Forgive me if this conversation has already taken place... but have you read this book yet?
I am about 3/4 the way through... What are your thoughts?
I like it. The writing is pretty simple, but damn it's sexy!