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Read this on my Kindle a few weeks ago, and I've been recommending it to all my mom friends.

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As did I. A few years later, I rocked a white crochet short-sleeved sweater that wasn't quite as revealing, but was definitely more hideous.

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At first, I was all, "LOL! The way they dressed in the 90s! I remember that!" And then I realized that the fact you can find these fashion options on sale *now* means that I'm old enough to remember the first iteration of a now-"retro" style. Christ, I'm old.

P.S. Babydoll dresses and leggings, with a matching headband. I wore this ensemble all through 8th grade just to be like Brenda Walsh.

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You're cooking it too long if it's mushy. Try steel-cut oats or, at the very least, the "old-fashioned" kind, and cook them a little less.

That McDonald's thing is horrifying. I'm sure the "serving" of oatmeal is actually 2 or 3 normal-person servings, too. Oatmeal is good, but it's a carb, and you can't just load up on those.

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I love this. It reminds me of every creaky old secondhand bookstore I've ever spent hours (and literally dozens of dollars) in.

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Been there. Crying in the shower at 37 weeks because I just couldn't stand it anymore. Fortunately, my son was 2 weeks early, but he is an only child because pregnancy was so miserable (for me).

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World's problems need solving. Can I get that by end of day?

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The more I read this, the more I love the way he's distilled decades of fucked-up foreign policy into the subject line.

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Throw an angry little doodle on it, and it's a neocon answer to Kurt Vonneut's "A Man Without a Country."

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Because that amount of judging can't be confined to 3 hours of prime time. (Or however long she has on HLN every damn night.)