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I've never been prouder of my hometown.
Ok, so I HAVE been prouder, but ya know, this is very typical of Connecticutians (pronounced Co-net-tic-cut-e-ans, in case you were wondering), especially Fairfield County ones.
The "Senior" part kinda throws me though. These women are all pretty, young-looking mom types from Greenfield Hill (and yes, that is a type in the FC) (don't call it that).

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As for Helent, I did some research earlier on the pretty lady and yes, looks like she is getting back on it!

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I know, I'm a little embarrassed for myself. It was not a good show though. I guess I miss old Reiser and Helent Hunt and the '90s in general.

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I had the unfortunate experience of watching the first episode of the Paul Reiser show. I was kinda hoping it would work out for him, probably due to my loyalty to '90s pop culture.

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Um, that's why I enjoy WWHL (while everyone else seems to hate on it). I love the fact that Andy is tanked. He seemed especially tankish last night. The only thing that bothered me was that BOTH Mike and Richie would not stop SWIVELING THEIR CHAIRS.

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But he was wearing a FEDORA.

Andy commented about that on the WWHL aftershow. It was hilarious.

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Best recap ever. I also think this season (and the outcome) has finally cured me of my TC resentment (caused by the Hosea and Kevin wins).

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No problem! Do you have any recommendations? Right now I'm really into:
- Nerdist with Chris Hardwick (obviously, also I just met him a few weeks ago and he is awesome)
- Doug loves movies (Doug Benson)
- the Benson Interruption (Benson again, and sometimes it costs a few bucks)
- Comedy Death Ray (although I don't find it as funny as I feel like I should)
- Sklarbro Country

I'm also looking forward to my first "Mike and Tom Eat Snacks' with Michael Ian Black and Mike Detective. Anyway, any other recs would be awesome!

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Paul Scheer, June Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas have a podcast called "How did this get made?" where they pick a horrible movie to watch and then discuss on the show. It's pretty freaking hysterical and also really fun if you've seen the movie they're reviewing. This week's episode is, coincidentally, about Battlefield Earth. I haven't heard it yet, but I can't wait to compare their notes with yours.
Also, thank you for this post. We were THISCLOSE to watching B.E. a few nights ago and now I'm sure we made the right choice not to suffer through it.

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Hysterical. I have forwarded this to all the lunatic women I'm friends with on faceboko who actually watch this show.
Bravo, kids.