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When I first started blogging, I might not have agreed with this. Now I am closer to agreeing.
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PS - If you can't tell, I am not a humanist.
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We think "awareness" is a great honor because we have it. But it is only natural to think what you have is great. Maybe what is behind awareness and unawareness is even greater. The claws of anthropocentrism extend deep.
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Go Britain. Now all you have to change is those who want you under one religious law. Good luck with that.
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Words are not Platonic ideals waiting for us to discover their true meaning. Words are created by people. Their usage ("meaning") varies between communities and speakers, they are always in flux and evolving. One can either participate and influence that change or just accept the popular flow.

Concerning "Biblical Morality" -- the Bible has many authors and editors with a huge variance of notions of morality. I think it is best to focus on the various voices instead of buying into the Fundamentalist notion of the homogenized Bible.
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I am glad to see an atheist stand up for a theist when a higher principle is at stake -- Freedom. I plan to post on this in a few days -- I thought some of his criticisms of Buddhism were accurate -- even though I am partially in favor of some Buddhist concepts (and I am an Atheist).

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Your site seems interesting -- as a fellow atheist, I like your statement of purpose -- I shall be following !

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Perhaps this post offers good financial analysis to show why Democrats can't do anything but fail.

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I think this post offers good financial analysis to address VJack's political persuasion.
Without sound analysis like this, the Democrats will continue to fail.

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I am also an Eagle Scout.
If you disagree with this nation, do you stop paying taxes or leave the country? If your friend does something immoral, to you automatically sever relations? I think the effects of the Boy Scouts is many -- many good, a few questionable. Same with the USA, same with my friends, same with religion in general. This is one of the themes of my site.
Best to be specific in the fights you pick while nuturing the good in others.
Does that sound reasonable?
If some beaurocrats positions on Eagle scouts and the gay issue is very important to you and you feel your burning all your old boyscout stuff and renouncing the boyscouts will actually help your cause or your conscience, go for it.

I am very pro Gay -- my son joined the scouts recently though I discouraged it. Now I support him 100%. But if anyone says anything anti-gay, I will be grossly out-of-control outspoken -- and I wager lots of other parents will jump in and support me.

Hard choices, eh?