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Time to start picking the fly shit out of the pepper.
Their anti Obama GOP foot dragging will cost lives under the guise of analysis paralysis.

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In Major League Baseball a left handed pitcher can earn $ millions. If they can throw strikes they can make $10's of millions. Lobbyists must not have any standards they can be held to.

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SCOTUS can be spot on on certain issues, and absolutely counter intuitive on others.
I f the Kochs can afford to blow $800 mil. on those who blow them, they should be taxed as
much as they pass around in Wingnutlandia..

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Jeb don't know shit about fuck! Tech my ass!

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My sister in Rocky Top was nervous the day my wife gave birth.
We don't have good prenatal care like sonograms or ultrasounds here abouts.
Ya see, she didn't know if she was going to be an aunt or an uncle.

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He made it look easy. He will not be easily replaced.
And Fuck you Dennis Miller.

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As soon as John Boehner gets done blowing the cantidate Ben Netanyahu, Congress will get right on that.
Being anti Netanyahu is not antisemitic. Nor is being pro- Isaac Herzog antisemitic.
Isaac Herzog might be handed the keys to the bus in the election. The military industrial
complex is backing which guy again?

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How many people have died because these assholes lie to the people who could benefit the most?

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Carbs caffine are the key ingredients to hangover management. Your body and brain crave the white pastiness of carbs. You feel better physically and heal mentally as the carbs make you happy. And they sop up a lot of leftover drink combinations the equivalent of a therapeutic gut sponge.

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The people covering up the problem are equally as bad as the rapists.
Their punishment should parallel having to notify their neighbors.