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9 years ago @ Wonkette - Shocker! That Cop Who ... · 0 replies · +10 points

Waiting for the Cleveland Plain Dealer follow up report that 12 year-old Tamir Rice was also reportedly distracted and weepy after watching Toy Story 3, which totally vindicates the cop.

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Hey, black people, don't blame the cops that are killing you. Blame the government's decision to regulate and tax a carcinogenic product! #blacklivesmatterbutnotasmuchasasimplifiedtaxcode

That'll fire 'em up in 2016, Rand.

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So cute. Now how many of these kittens were run over by unrepentant cops in the last twelve months?

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When will these black youths stop making nice white police officers shoot them?

9 years ago @ Wonkette - Gun-Humpers Awfully Qu... · 1 reply · +18 points

So one group of people decides to start toting around assault rifles at Kroger's, and the people who think that's probably not a good idea are the ones "changing social norms"?

Seems like the perfect opportunity to photoshop some AKs into old timey pictures, just to remind us what those traditional social norms of carrying guns around everywhere looked like.

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Because nothing says "conservative pundit" like "let the cops do whatever they want with no oversight."

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the hostile aliens who really control the country

Urg, I just spent a whole holiday weekend around relatives who wouldn't t stop talking about the days when we had nice aliens like ALF, E.T. and Ronald Reagan controlling the country.

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Hey, black America, definitely not-racist white America would like to watch you beat up each other in various sportsball competitions without being reminded that you are people with personalities, opinions, beliefs etc. If you could go back to just thanking sportsball Jesus for your home run touchdowns by pointing to the sky in an obviously Christianist sort of way, or kissing a cross, and just leave it at that, definitely-not-racist white America would be really grateful and would probably even consider buying your jersey if their favorite white player gets traded or grievously injured.

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Of all the things that drive me crazy about conservatives, the fact that they undoubtedly would have preferred this guy been executed 30 years ago drives me the craziest. IF YOU DON'T TRUST GOVERNMENT WHY DO YOU THINK IT SHOULD BE LITERALLY PUTTING PEOPLE TO DEATH. Sorry, Ferguson + bracing for my tea party relatives at Thanksgiving = lots and lots and lots and lots of booze. And probably some pie.

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Can I suggest to Don Lemon that he eat a bag of dicks as a demonstration?