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She's trending in an awesome way. The next thing you know, she'll be teasing us with some playful "Care to guess what I'm wearing under this robe?" banter.

This woman is a hero to us all. All hail The Notorious RBG.

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You agree that Mary Ann goes D at the end of the day? I think it just has to happen.

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Given the boat analogy and some references in this comment thread to Gilligan's Island, I was trying to pin down everyone's political affiliation:

Gilligan: Doesn't care much about politics, but would go D if forced to vote.
The Skipper: Solid R, I'm afraid. Since he and Gilligan always butted heads, this really can't be any other way.
Thurston Howell: R (No explanation required)
Lovie Howell: R (No explanation required)
Ginger: Hollywood liberal. A solid D.
The Professor: Believes in basic science, which makes him ineligible to be in the Republican Party. He's a D.

Ironically, Mary Ann becomes the swing vote. Kansas farm girl, which makes you think R. But a sneaky-sultry independent streak (she came alone to the boat for the three-hour tour), which makes you think D. Oh, fuck it. Mary Ann votes D and puts the island in the Obama column. . .

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Those moviegoers in Mississippi seeing "50 Shades of Grey" are going to go batshit crazy when they realize the two lead characters aren't related. I predict refunds on a massive scale.

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One of these days, Roy Moore is going to get arrested. With his pants around his ankles. In a rest-stop men's room just off I-65.

I predict that will explain a lot.

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You just have to love this:

"We’re, we’re working on this. Having discussions amongst our members, got a lot of divergent views about how best to go back to a doctor/patient relationship that’s revered. . ."

Unless, of course, you and your doctor are discussing family planning or reproduction. In that case, fuck you and your freedom.

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I think we're all missing the really important point here, which is that the pretty lady in the purple dress gives me an erection.

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Lance Armstrong agrees that these cheating allegations are total bullshit.

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That's John Cornyn, proudly occupying his position in the Human Centipede of right-wing Government.

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This immorality absolutely sickens me. The next thing you know, we'll have people in Alabama fucking their sisters and cousins.

Hey, wait a minute. . .