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hes gonna get a broom up his poop shoot in da slammer.

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your a disrespectful jerk!

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people are idiots....period. (the shooter)

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:o( how sad for those poor parents, rest in peace little angel.

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you suck loser , the Ducks dont even want you rooting for them

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Sorry for your loss, dogs are like our kids, and newfies are so sweet.

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GO BEAVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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While I wish the Beavers didnt have to go, dont blame soccer, blame the city of Portland which has failed to find the Beavers a new home. I hate to say it, since it is America's pasttime, but baseball is about the most boring sport to watch (minus bowling and golf). I will take soccer anyday of the week over falling asleep at a baseball game, and the obvious poor attendance average at Beavers games only proves it, and I hate to tell some of the anti-soccer people on this blog, that most of the people at the games are actually caucasian, so if they are illegal immigrants then they must of jumped the border from England.

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Well his short-lived OSU career is over. He red-shirted last year, and has been sent packing back to Montana this year. At least now he has something to put on his resume if he wants to join the Adult film industry. LOL.

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Well, this article sure puts a damper on hopes of quick resolution. I certainly would rather LE have a rock solid case than a quick rush to judgement, that could easily be defended. I think after the confiscation of DeDe's computer that many of us believed they either had or were on the verge of gaining hard evidence about Kyron's abduction. The feverish pace of daily article releases about the case has also helped push the public frenzy into expecting action soon. My prayers go out to Kyron and family, and the hopes that those involved, whether its Terri, DeDe, or someone unknown give up or slip up soon.