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Apology from City Council? This is the STATE's screw up that is being publicly disclosed.

ODOT is accountable for punitively and negligently mismanaging this project. So much so that Emergency Crews had to respond.

What the heck, ODOT - I bet you issue bonuses paid for with my tax dollars to these inept workers and contractors. Yup. I wouldn't be surprised if instead of someone being fired a whole lot of people and businesses got bonuses resulting from this.

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So Governor Kitzhaber - if ODOT won't accountably punish those that are deliberately and punitively trapped people on our public roads - what are you going to do about this public negligence?

I am not satisfied with ODOT"s dismissiveness. And arrogance.

ODOT needs to be cowed for deliberately mismanaging major road projects. The "buck" stops at the top, ODOT - if you can't do better on behalf of the public I say the head of ODOT needs to go.

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Hey Police - a 16 year old first degree assaulting an innocent victim needs to be detained. Just like any other suspect.

Release him to his parents? No way.

Good for you, Ms. Dang - good for you!

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It's not about cancer survival - its about making sure public facilities are appropiately offered up for the public.

She had a legitimate request and it should be honored. For her health and for the reasons stated.

Don't make this a cancer vs. the world issue. It just makes common sense for her request to be upheld and honored. Good public common sense. Enough with the US and THEM dividing. Enough of the taking sides rhetoric. ENOUGH!

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I am just numb and not sympathetic. If this property is rich with family history then perhaps she should have reached out to family to help her make the payments. BANKS CANNOT EXIST by property owners ignoring their payments.

If she was strung along she needs to show PROOF in writing of documented and certified notes she sent to this bank each and every time she questioned something. EACH AND EVERY TIME.

Her verbal word of being strung along is not worth much. Unless she can PROVE her bank colluded somehow to punitively harm her. What would be the benefit of doing that - the banks need to make a profit from this property they still own somehow.

She cannot spend four years + not paying for her ABODE. I cannot do that. My neighbors cannot do so. You just cannot "own" something you are not paying for.

That is called theft. In my way of looking at it. But she can try and get family to help her PAY OFF the mortgage in total and/or show the bank she can pay off a HUGE PORPORTION of her compounded debt somehow if she intends to keep living where she is. Otherwise she is squatting. That's all. Squatting.

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Horrifying? Come on.

Ah, a parental responsibility to send off one's children ON FIELD DAY with sunscreen - yup. The forecast for the day was not just for rain. But for the weather to clear off later in the day, right? Yup.

Ms. (whiny cry baby) Michener why don't YOU admit you shoulda thunk about sending all three of them to school with sunscreen to be applied later - rather than blame any teacher.

It was a scheduled, duly documented FIELD DAY that all parents were notified about in advance, right?

Ms. Michener - how negligent of YOU, hon. To not protect your own children on a hot sunny day as they headed off to school. One mother to another I say Child Protective Services needs to pay Ms. Michener a visit. And demand some parental accountability from her.

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super-repoman - ya think?

He is supposed to be supporting critical decisions he makes ON ALL OF OUR BEHALF on the best interests of this law abiding country he is the leader of.

Not justifying doing something as controversial as this - simply because he is OPENLY pandering for votes. And he could care less what law abiding Americans think about any of it.

Super-repoman - it is hard to wrap my mind around just who in the heck Barack Obama is. Seriously - he is disturbingly and outrageously OUT OF LINE with this decision he is "temporarily" pursuing.

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Governor Romney will protect the legal RIGHTS of all Americans. Legal Americans. Governor Romney will credibly balance budgets and accountably LEAD this nation.

President Obama - with this seriously troubling discretionary BLESSING he is bestowing upon law breaking aliens - just exposed his ugly underside of not credibly caring about leading this nation. - on any issue.

Mr. Obama - I am incredulously disgusted at this pandering unjustiable decision of yours.

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Incredulous. That is me. INCREDULOUS.

Mr. Obama - who in the heck are you?

You certainly have me shaking my head. Identifiable now only by the pandering voters you are desperately trying to court with this seriously disturbing discretionary choice of yours?

Unfathomable decision making process - justifying this "temporary" action, Mr. Obama.

And yes someone on here hit it on the head - solve our nations multiple layered domestic issues - all of them. One by one - before you go issuing gifts to law breaking aliens.


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First of all this OUT OF THE BLUE discretionary decision of Barack Obama's is a doozy. Of a presidential flip flop.

Mr. Obama - who has intellectually deported more illegal aliens than any previous president, takes to the steps of OUR White House and suddenly announces what again. And suggests it is only "temporary".

And golly gee, Barack Obama when exactly does this "end", Mr. Prez. And by what authority, Mr. Prez are you flipping and flopping like a beached halibut on this issue in the first place, Mr. Prez.

Does Mr. Obama think (and Obama looked beyond uncomfortable the entire time he was announcing this) before he makes flip flopping "temporary" promises, people? Is Mr. Obama acting lucidly, law abidingly or credibly - at all? Kudos to the reporter who challenged OUR PREZ on all of it.

Amazing low on the part of Barack Obama. In a term in officer replete with LOWS credited to Barack Obama, this flip flops of flip flops is LOW. About as low as a pandering campaigning president can go...