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Read through all of the comments here, and I think you'll find I've provided enough info to show that she is clearly an intelligent young woman. Whatever her problems (emotional immaturity, perhaps?), she appears -- online, at least -- to be quite fine in the cognition department.

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Lol, not at all. I'm sitting at home with my wife, and we were both pouring over the case so far. Why not? We're both off work. Someone linked to her MySpace page and we noticed things on it that were intriguing, which led us to go a bit further than most probably would, but like i said, we've got some time on our hands today.

By the way, she also goes by the internet moniker "Livae" at

That's some stuff of hers from 2009. And no, I never heard of her before 2 hours ago. I'm just pretty good friends with the internet. I'll tell it you said hello.

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Guess what the rest of the story could be? Her parents put up a holy stink and claimed she was so disabled that they simply MUST ring the alarm -- it could be that regulations demand that the disappearance of someone said to be as disabled as her parents claim must be dealt with in the way it is being dealt with now.

In other words, it could all still be B.S.

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Update: I've found What is likely to be her World of Warcraft character on the Aerie Peak server -- if Blizzard is running an accurate clock on her guild webpage, her character, Paxia, made a purchase in game about 20 hours ago. That is AFTER the time she went missing. Does she own a laptop?

So far I'm inclined to believe that this is an overprotective parent's reaction to her being gone overnight. She has only been "missing" for just over 24 hours at this point. Something very fishy going on here.

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Okay, I started on this story not 10 minutes ago, and already my detective work shoots this article full of holes.

First: Developmentally disabled? Really?

Here's a quote from this disabled person:

"Laughing over the article about a supposed zombie apocalypse as they blatantly state it's to get attention but the reality is it'll probably happen, what with all the preservatives and "diet" products we eat, not to mention all the other chemicals we screw with. They just saved their asses by dodging with "we wanted people's attention" so they could avoid public panic and conflict."

And here's something she drew:

Wow, I'd sure like to know who it is that decided it would be wise to mention any supposed disability this obviously intelligent person would have, since such knowledge would clearly be of no help in identifying her.

By the way, my detective work tells me also that she was HUGE into online gaming such as World of Warcraft (and many others), and that on the 14th of last month she changed her relationship status on Facebook from "in a relationship," to "single."

Oh, and 360 pounds? I honestly doubt that's anywhere close to true.

What the.... hello, KATU?

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So Obama's a republican, too. What's your point?

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Oh and by the way -- can you offer evidence to the contrary? Show me a color that "does not exist," lmfao.

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Let me put it another way:

There are NO colors -- NONE -- outside of the visible spectrum. None. If a color can be perceived, it exists in the color spectrum, period. Are there colors in the spectrum that are imperceptible to the human eye? Barely. There are cases of people who can see a little farther into the infrared and ultraviolet ranges, but not much. As far as your ridiculing me for bringing the notion of "perception" into a discussion about color... lol?

If you ever see a color that doesn't exist, please note that you have just crossed over into an entirely different reality because colors aren't shapes -- you can't just "make new ones." Hell, you can't even IMAGINE a color that doesn't exist. It's not even possible.

"Amatuer philosophy," lmfao. You're a dolt. Here, I'll give you a lesson, mmk?

Color -- wiki: Color or colour (see spelling differences) is the visual perceptual property corresponding in humans to the categories called red, green, blue and others. Color derives from the spectrum of light (distribution of light energy versus wavelength) interacting in the eye with the spectral sensitivities of the light receptors.

In short, genius -- color ITSELF doesn't exist outside of perception. Learning anything yet?

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I love how the republicans talk spending cuts but won't go near the biggest expenditure of all -- war. Why? Simple.

Food stamps don't make the rich richer. Neither does health care. Social Security and Medicare = money wasted on people that just need to die.

But war? Cha-Ching, baby!

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I'm tired of seeing the same panhandlers year after year. I mean, come on. It's obviously nothing but a freebie hand-out lifestyle to many, if not most of them. Especially the young ones. Man, I can't stand the young ones.

I've BEEN homeless. My wife and I were homeless for 3 months about 16 years ago. We stayed in a shelter while we found work and got our stuff together. We've had our stuff together ever since. There's no excuse for being out on the streets begging for change day in and day out for literally years.