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Hey POS leave the kids alone!

Go back where you may have been hiding and stay there if you are able after you get out of prison!!!

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Taxes generally serve a select group of peoples interests.

If the tax money being spent had to come out of the personal pockets of law makers you would find that they would not be so quick to tax and spend.

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Crimes against women and children are the acts of cowards

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Well world

This is the United States of America not the United States of mexico. It is past time for ALL illegals to be sent back to the country they lived in before they illegally entered the United States.

mexico is a third world country that sends its parasites and throw aways to the US because they think that we as a nation will provide for them and their anchors.......welfare, free education etc. .....WRONG.

President Eisenhower sent hundreds of thousands of mexicans back on ships that docked at the most southern point of mexico. The reason, we did not want you back.

Illegals are like fleas you see one but there are hundreds you don't see.

By 2050 you will be dead as will many of us, however the groundwork that we lay today will prevent others from outside the United States from taking over our land. Yes it is our land 1846 ring a bell.

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I was going to get out a crying towel for them but then decided that they (illegals) have already gotten enough of a freeride from our fool hardy system and our legal citizens. la raza bit the big one today and should tell all of their co-conspirators that it is time to get while the getting is good.

The next step with be the closure of the border and the deportation of all who are here illegally.

It is time for illegals to realise that they are illegally in a country that does not want them.

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I am SO thankful that the dogs did not have to pay the ultimate price for an older childs mistake.

Lesson learned by all and no one is dead.

From all that I have read this was the only just decision.

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We had a similar situation, our property has a 6' high electric gate, 6' fencing all the way around several acres, motion sensors and cameras. Paranoid is not the issue, it is past employment and the possible chance of retribution in the coming years as some are back on the streets.

One day a sensor set off an alarm, we checked the monitors and saw a guy coming across the field towards the house. I met him with a shotgun aimed right at him, I told him he was dead. He said he was a building inspector with the county (not Washington County), I asked him what he was doing on the property, he said he was making an inspection, I asked him how he got where he is, he said he climbed the fence. I told him I have video of him doing just that....calmly told him he was leaving if he came back he would be dead. Called his boss and told him that I have a video and I will sue if anyone from the county comes back on the property.

Ten years and they never return.

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More revelations about emails that Terri sent before Kyron went missing.

This story needs to be brought to a conclusion. After this many months and the continued interest in Sauvies Island it is pretty obvious that they are looking for a body not a living child.

Guilty one step up and close the book by telling the Sheriffs Office or District Attorney the truth.

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I just get sick when I read about police officers using the colour of authority to shoot dogs or people without any justification.

As one that is owned by 6 large dogs (yes, I am their maid/butler/janitor and playmate) I would be livid if someone, police or not shot one of my dogs.

I have encountered a neighbour in my very rural home with acerage and 6 foot high secure fenceing shooting at my dogs that were inside my fenced property. I got my shotgun and was one heartbeat away from killing him. When I confronted him with my shotgun aimed at him I yelled for him not to move his gun in my direction as I will kill him.

So much more to this story that I could write a short story about, but needless to say he moved, the dogs were not hurt. He went to court, lost his guns and paid a fine. Vido is great.

There is no justification for shooting a person or animal that does not present an immediate threat....Newfoundlands don't present a threat except to your couch.

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I love the ONE WAY idea. Just think empty jails just short term detention facilities.

Of course some of you will remember that this was done before........Yes Ga. was a place where debtors from Europe were taken when they could not pay their debts.