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Wow! So I've been part of an experiment? Wow! Uhhhh........Ok.

One thing I got out of this is that it taught me when to back off things. Also has made me look at how I relate to people on Twitter. I see lots of angry tweets coming from other extreme liberal Christians lately and now know how to deal with them. Since I lean liberal also I've come to understand that any kind of behavior that borders on crazy doesn't help and only leads to stress.

I find that the internet is no place for discussions. Face to face is much better. And I hope we can start those soon. Thanks for helping me grow.

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According to the original author, he is pleased w/what has been done. Ellis is on twitter. And the guy being punched by Mal is Richard Dreyfus!

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As for what he was wearing, Step mom had taken a photo of him at the sci-fair that morning. CSI logo t-shirt.

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People who say the school "dropped the ball" on this missing child situation need to know that Skyline school staff, teachers and parents feel that the school is safe. Commentators need to quit making the system the villain here. All that is known is that the child is missing. Blame will not find him.

Keep in mind that when you make an assumption, you are creating a false reality. Yes there will have to be some changes to school policy.
Instead of playing the blame game, find out what your local school policies are, get involved with YOUR community.

The Skyline community is hurting right now, as a parent myself I would be more concerned about finding my child than blaming someone for not looking out for him.

As for all the media reporting, please keep the facts straight. For those watching these reports: Don't assume and judge at this time. Let the searchers do their job and let Skyline families and staff deal with their emotions.