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When he did that to me, I searched his record. I keep hoping our justice system will do something. I should know better!
A few years ago, my ex was arrested on 2 counts of felony DV. Injured a minor and his wife in the presence of their kids. He was released the next day.

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I was at work. And, pretty glad I smoke. Called security, that is our policy. Security held him while the police got there. I said I wanted to press charges. I got a case number and he was released a few days later.

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The kid in the middle was caught late august trying to break into my car! He was arrested and released. I really hope they don't release him this time!

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I remember permission slips coming home at the beginning of every school year giving our principal authority to spank us. I wish they still did this!

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Really? I hold hands with my husband all the time! Should we also hide who we are? I also hold hands with my children and grandparents and even my friends! My female friends! I get so tired of people with their twisted reasoning! I bet if this was a straight couple nobody would have given it a second glance! People will love who they love. Nobody should be judged for that.

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This happened moments after I dropped off my child. The school never called to tell us anything! This is twice this month they have been on lock down.
But, to answer your question, they lock all windows and doors leading to the outside. Nobody comes in and nobody leaves.
At my daughters school they have drills to prepare for this kind of thing. At her school windows and doors are locked and they close the curtains to both the outside windows and the windows on the classroom doors. They have also locked the entire student body in the gym.

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Maybe it was one fatality and one person injured? Somebody on my Facebook said he saw what looked like a body in "a field covered with a tarp"
Either way, please tell us what happened KATU!

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I agree. Throwing water on it was bad. Im sure he (the clerk) was thinking water was the right move.
It is too bad about the store. I'm only a few blocks away and we go up there quite often.

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Ok, I get it now. Long night and no sleep that went right over my head.

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My understanding is they were inside but it was very quickly unsafe for them. The building is/was cement (or something close) I'm sure it just hot boxed in there.
I can remember going there for 15+ years and even more people were saying they remember from their childhood. And in all that time, new paint and a new sign is all I can remeber being updated.