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Well, you are right in the sense that both good and bad things happen. But I disagree about the idea of Karma.

Throughout my years on this Earth I have seen Karma hard at work. Negative energy attracts negative energy, and positive energy attracts positive energy. Like smiling or laughing....they can both be infectious, so can anger.

Or a better example......your reply to my post is a bit negative and trollish. I read it and it kind of brought me down for a very brief moment and made me want to lash out at you in frustration. BUT.....what would that do? It would just perpetuate the negative energy.

So, I decided to just blow you off because.......

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KUDOS to the Trooper for assisting the Goose!!!

That Goose is lucky and resiliant....still carrying on with it's life with that big ol' thing on it. Glad it got removed and it seems to be okay.

To the person who did this to this bird......somedy, somewhere your head just might end up impaled upon a stick and you may know the pain that you caused another living creature.

What goes around comes around!!

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I can see both sides of the coin on this one. I think the pilots should be mandated to do their training in an appropriate and timely manner, at the same time, I do not want some computer nerd at the flight controls when the computer dies, who doesn't know his stick shaker from his shlong. I want a pilot who knows their aircraft and knows how to fly it manually if need be.

It's like GPS systems in cars.....they make me nuts!!! People are always fiddlin' with them while they're driving, paying more attention to the sultry voices telling them when and where to turn. It's getting to the point that people, especially the younger generations, don't know how to survive without "technology". Technology is all well and good, until it isn't.....but what ever happened to reading a map and actually planning out where you're going.

My opinion....If you can't fly a plane without needing a computer, you don't belong flying at all. And since "technology" is taking over the world, you're going to need to keep up with it too.

"Aren't you glad we got smart bombs, It's a good thing that our bombs are clever. It's a shame though our kids are dumb, but are bombs are smart, what a lucky thing now." ~ Oingo Boingo

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My Auntie's looking for someone to work for her farm.

It's picking Strawberries in California. Eight hours a day, five days a week (40 hours), NO BENEFITS, but you will get to take home the rotten berries that don't make the cut.

You down?

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Okay there good buddy!!

I apologize that you do not have an understanding of the word slander. I slandered no one. I did not state that it WAS this person, as I don't/didn't know if it was or not. What I stated was that I found someone with the same name and that I didn't know if they were the same people. I made reference to the bio line of that person because it sounded foreboding when put with this story.

Had I have said that the person WAS definitely the man that did this, that could have been construed as defamation.

Don't worry....I wont hold it against you.

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Troll Soup anyone?

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If they were skeletal remains, not knowing how much tissue actually remained, it is not that difficult to tell whether it is a male or female if you look at the pelvic bones. Even if it was a female that hadn't given birth, the bones should still look different enough to tell. Of course, LE can't really make a statement like that until ME confirms, but then why say anything about gender at all until it's known?

Regardless....I haven't heard of an adult being missing recently. I know they are looking for a female, teenage runaway, but she is thought to be headed to Mexico with a guy 11 yrs older than her.

Hopefully they didn't get the "adult" part wrong. I don't want to hear later that it's a child. I don't know why he'd be way over there, but it's still the first thing I thought of, even though I read "adult".

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Next thing you know, bedbugs will be back in style!!


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Lame doesn't even begin to describe that one!!

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Geez!!! It's a real sad story, and my condolences go out to this person's family. Why is it that people think they can beat a train? I don't understand that? Train will ALWAYS win!!