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what about boner pills? was it boner pills? it's definitely boner pills, isn't it?
here's my impression of a roman commercial:
[focus on chat}
Hi, Ethan! How are you?
Great! Except for my flaccid peen! :( lol

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there are no posts waiting for approval. we can't do anything w/ comments for some weird reason. does your link have try6 in the address?

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"Are Dems in Disarray?"
"Exactly How Much in Disarray are Democrats?"
"Democrats in Disarray will Cost them Votes in November. Here's Why."
"My Mother is a Democrat. Here's Why I Hope She Gets Covid."
"Black Men. Why White America is Right to Fear Them."
"Joe Scarborough Totally Killed that Chick. I Have Proof."

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yeah, you know, because, bidness.

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We got tested today! It was unpleasant!

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Hot (of course). Some ppl wear masks, some don't. The skies are clear at night & we can see stars, which is nice. There's not much traffic, which is also nice. The ones on the road are taking advantage of it and driving crazy fast wheeee! I'm working from home and realized quickly how lazy the cat really is. (he's super lazy) We're doing good. How's the old pueblo?

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page 21.

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I "work" at the AZ DOR. We have done little. Very little. Spread a few people out. Got a few people laptops and told them to work from home. People here are not doing anything to stop the spread, The friggin' gov declared pawn shops and golf courses "essential bidnesses".

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