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So, it's been, like, 95 at 5:40 a.m. every damn day for the past few weeks and I've been focused on Your Minnesota Twins trying their best to lose the division and the Diamondbacks doing their very best to blow any chance at a wildcard spot and did I mention it's 110 degrees here every fucking day? So, foo-baw season snuck up on me. The regular season starts Thursday, ffs! So! The draft is scheduled for tomorrow, Sept 1, at 9 pm eastern. So, be there. Or, not.

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Sorry, read this just now, 2 days late as I am slow, like your Chihuahua, (which I always pronounce phonetically as chi-hoowa-hoowa) but anyway, made my day and thank you. Hope the orange cat is well.

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You should by now that I'm a bot.

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Translated by Genya Turovskaya.

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It’s terrible to possess brittle things.
How are we to know who taught people to draw
Stars between eyebrows, butterflies over the gristle
Of throats, a weeping eye between breasts?

And who taught them to live with strange
Chasms, with their nocturnal beasts,
With this yawning, singing, oblivion—further out of reach
Even with open palms stretched forth. Take them

If you are not afraid of such embraces.
If the faces floating up from an amalgam
Of splotches, from the molding, dark, silvery depths
Don’t frighten you.

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Sorry about the linky and snips. But wait, there's more!

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You're welcome for that incredible graphic. Alos, be it known, we're a week into National Poetry Month and I haven't posted a single poem. That is about to change, It's |{ National Poetry Month, motherfuckers! Gird your loins!