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You pay extra for that.

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So, the Cripps knew 10 years ago that something might be up, yet they now claim that "if we'd known".

Don't tell me: Party of Personal Responsibility.

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Does this mean O'Reilly is going to become a MRA?

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Kudos to HRC, of course. When a Republican nominee has the balls to retweet it, then I'll believe we've made real progress.

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Absolutely not. But that's not the point here.
Everyone knows he's been through the banktruptcy courts, so one can make up one's mind on that very salient point, without the prurient curtain-twitching over his most recent tax returns.

How about Hillary's charitable donations? Does Bernie lease his office computers or did he buy them straight out? Does Ted Cruz still pay any taxes in Canada? Does Rubio own a swimming pool? etc...

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It's only funny, because Trump was one of the all this "let's see the paperwork" bullshit in the first place: however, it should really be nobody's business.

I don't care how much HRC or Sanders or Obama paid in tax, as long as they filed returns. Same with Trump, Cruz and Rubio.

It's simply not acceptable to go on fishing expeditions on people, unless there's clearly wrongdoing or hypocrisy. There's certainly nothing "wrong", let alone illegal, in declaring bankruptcy in the past - and what somebody paid in tax is irrelevant, as long as the revenue service is happy.
That's what they're paid by the taxpayers to sort out for us, after all

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Everybody needs a sugar daddy. Even the wife.

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It's okay if you're already rotting?

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He could have certainly helped thin out the field of candidates.