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Well said, CL - the glue analogy is great

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Actually it is - since 1997

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Sorry, Freedom - meant to give you a thumbs up.

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This is a very sad day - not just for us who are among the thousands of his allies, but especially for Andrew's young family. You are all in our prayers. Lord have mercy on the soul of your servant Andrew.

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Low [insignificant] rumble, with hints of toe-tapping

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HT - he sued the AP. Listen to the audio.

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He would start with "Well, there you go again, Mr. Karzai."

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While acknowledging the weaknesses of concept and execution of the show, I must say that even in this trailer it is a pleasure to watch Mr. Davis act in a "normal" fashion, without subjecting him to some strange costume.

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I'll go see it/buy it on DVD! For too long, we have been treated and indeed acting as the loyal opposition. NRO, The Weekly Standard, et alia have been quite strong over the years in their opposition to the Marxist direction of the Democrats, but not very forceful. The Left has been in our face(s) since the sixties. It is time to proclaim to them: "Alinsky is dead".

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Yes! In the first three (Iv, V, VI), the Force was some ethereal, amorphous thing - it fit with the story. Now, we're supposed to believe that the Force is due to/encased in "midichlorians"? Sounds like something you would add to your swimming pool to keep down the algae.