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Don't mess with the Thai Ladyboy Mafia ;)

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Europe's waking up, bit by bit. But at the rate they're waking up, the options left to them get uglier and uglier. If they acted now and decisively on behalf of Western culture they could avoid that.

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This makes me wonder how much of the early "We're toning down the patriotism"-talk was just the film's director and producers trying to make the Hollywood establishment ignore the fact that they had green-lit probably the most overtly patriotic American superhero movie ever.

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And here we have a white supremacist addled in its usual cocktail of self-pity and self-medication. Note the complete lack of historical accuracy, and/or sanity backing his comments, and his petulant dislike for anything that hampered his Aryan brothers in their quest to use bad science coupled with bad social engineering in order to remake the world and exterminate those they didn't like.

Said white supremacist is but a pale shadow of his former goose-stepping brethren. They at least killed millions. Said white supremacist merely claims it never happened (if off the battlefield), or some combination of the classic rapist line "they had it coming", then the "they were all commies" and "(Random nonsensical blather)" lines (if it was killing on the battlefield). Do not expect much better. The general degradation of the white supremacist mind due to its degenerate lifestyle and laughable beliefs have left it little more than entertainment on conservative blogs.

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"Portugal Throws Out Socrates"

But did they make him drink Hemlock?

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A very thoughtful and interesting article. Liberals are always stymied when I point out the central ethical conundrum of forced equality: without the choice not to give or aid, there can't be any good in the world. Everyone is reduced from a human being capable of both good and bad to a simple materialistic equation of wealth and benefits. The people of countries who pursue policies of forced equality of outcomes invariably become meaner, greedier and more short-sighted people.

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And Thomas Friedman is weeping in a corner.

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I beg to differ one on a few points. I agree that without the constant grinding and bloodshed of the Eastern Front, the decisive victory of Normandy and the Liberation of France would have vastly more bloody if not impossible. However, the war in the East would have ended in German victory if not for millions of tons of aid and materiel given to the USSR from America. At one point nearly 90% of the Red Army's trucks and jeeps were American made, something true for much of the rest of their infrastructure.

Also, I'd point out that the Western Front provided no small opportunity to the Russians. Hitler ended up pulling nearly sixty divisions from the Ostheer in order to try and beat back the Anglo-American invasion, and the gutted Ostheer soon collapsed during the course of 1944.

But onto the general point, I applaud you're effort to commemorate the heroism of the Russians, Ukrainians, Armenians, Georgians, and every other subject people of the USSR in beating back the Nazis.

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Thomas Friedman wishes his fellow liberals could use the Chinese Tiananmen Square approach for dealing with the Tea Party. He sings paeans to the ChiComs every two seconds, why not on that one as well?

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And Rachel Maddow still looks like she'd be the less comfortable of the three wearing a skirt.