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AWESOME!!!! posted as an avatar on my Twitter and spreading the word...


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Sorry to interupt this particular topic and go off topic, but I just saw this posted on Twitter - if the Bigs are already in talks with this guy, never mind,

He has just posted his link to Anthem Studios as well...

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Thank you for your words, Patricia! May God send his family and friends comfort and peace! He'd want us to carry the legacy. Spirit doesn't die.

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Lorax was a load of you know what THEN, its a load of you know what NOW. I specifically avoided showing that book to my daughter when she was little because of the envirowhack looniness implied in that story. And dont you trolls be looking to stir things up with me by calling me anti-environment. As a very mere TEXAN, I know more about CONSERVING resources then you EVER did when you were learning to poop in the pot. We Texans know PLENTY about how to take care of our resources but we call it by its true name: wildlife MANAGEMENT, instead of the hippy dippy remove the human type asshattery you envirowhacks try to proselytize to Thinking Americans.

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THIS IS HORRIBLE!! OMG - such a terrible loss all around! Prayers prayers prayers for his family, for him, for us!!!

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I DID!! I got forensic anthropology skills that are scarier than her....

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ROFLMAO - yeah that prissy little clip from Johannson...woooooo I's so scar-wed!!!!!!!

The rest of it: AWESOME - Ill go just for Thor and Iron Man.

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Sometimes I wonder if Harrison Ford shouldnt have been the one to write the script/direct the scenes/come up with different set ups rather than Ol' Georgie Pordgey...he gave Empire Strikes Back one of its best/iconic moments too i.e. the Farewell Scene between Leia and Han. Ford seemed to have a keen sense of 'brevity is the soul of wit' but then he'd be rolled over by the likes of George wanting to get all technical. I wish Ford had pursued those kinds of things in his career...we might have seen quite a bit of creativity out of him...

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Same here - iconic and forever what we love most about being entertained by Hollywood: adventure, smarts, exciting story, wonderful characters. I actually liked #3 - the rapport between Ford and Connery was quite fun and wish they had done more together.

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Yes!! I should have mentioned that too!

Why they always gotta screw up the story?! They did that to The Earthsea Trilogy too, which would have been fantastic if it had been treated the way Jackson treated Tolkien's material (okay, I know theres a lot of disgruntlement in that regard, but Jackson did a pretty good job I thought). Fantasy is only hard when you have to think...too many of these hollywood producers/directors dont want to think...