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The only 'faith' I am aware of that actually 'enforces' their tenets is Islam. Perhaps she is mistaking the presidents unspoken religious bias to be her template?

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Barakatopia comes to Obamaville

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Just another step on the path to mass ignorance and dependency. The arts, particularly music education is powerful in enhancing intellect. Get rid of the Dept. of Education and return the school to the states and local communities. This MANDATE mentality is killing our kids and dividing our electorate. November cannot arrive soon enough!

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compared to the rest of the field he is the closest to being conservative and not being Ron Paul

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Romney is the dictionary definition of establishment RINO

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To my mind Santorum is the ONLY conservative pick. He may need to avoid getting too heavy into social issues debate and keep the pressure on Obama and make him own this economy and especially make Obama own the current energy debacle. We pay a whole lot more in gas and food inflation than the BS SS break of $40 per month.

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The sick irony of our plight could be remedied as simply as following these simple steps and allowing the economy and its free market forces to heal itself,,,,,government just needs to GTFO the way. Look how quickly places like Wisconsin came to budget surpluses once they put a stop to the insanity.

America is far and away the greatest experiment in freedom and the success that springs from that freedom that the world has ever seen,,,,WHY in the world would anyone try to destroy it in favor of any other failed models?

As RR once said "Government is not the solution to the problem, Govenment is the problem"

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Is that the best you got? Ron Paul is a complete flake with the sole exception of his monetary policies, Romney could not even beat the loser McLame and is the biggest RINO in the race and Gingrich while he can fire off a few sound bites that inspire the red meat lovers, has more baggage than Imelda Marcos. As I stated before GIVEN THE CHOICES WE HAVE, Santorum is the only logical candidate to support the ticket,,,and by the way anyone fantasizing about a debate with Oblama give it up,,,he will not engage in a debate.

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I would have preferred Rubio, Ryan, or West,,,,but considering the field we have to work with Santorum is the best.

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SANTORUM is the ONLY one who is a conservative in this race. Romney is polluted by his Romney/care, Gingrich is polluted by his baggage and character,,,,and Paul is just plain nuts. Rick is blue-collar, midwest stock, family values, well spoken clear visioned and carries far less baggage than his rivals.