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Amazon had the complete first season of Walking Dead on special a while back, so I got it. Very cool show, but not as cool as Justified, which I also got the first season of.

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My current sentiment is, "Anyone But Romney."

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I just got a DVD set that has Raising Arizona and Fargo both in it. Don't think I'd have sprung for them individually, but the discount on top of the two-for-one price was amazing... and both of those films do reliably crack me up, regardless of the obvious shortcomings.

Blood Simple would have to be a similar deal for me to get it. It's just not that high up on my wish list.

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Not having Ed Norton as The Hulk stinks. Replacing him with Mark Ruffalo just adds insult to injury. Choosing Eric Bana would have been disappointing, but not awful... which is what Ruffalo is.

I got Thor a few weeks ago and have watched it a couple of times. It doesn't wipe me out like the Iron Man films do, but it's growing on me. The effects depicting Thor's home world seem particularly well thought out.

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Yes, I noted that LIE - and Pelosi KNOWS it's a lie - the other day.

It's exasperating, but at least she's no longer Speaker of the House, and after 2012 she'll be part of an even smaller minority.

Two months and three weeks until 2012.

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Repeat after me: Mitt Romney is a Liberal, Mitt Romney is a Liberal, Mitt Romney is a Liberal, Mitt Romney is a Liberal, Mitt Romney is a Liberal, Mitt Romney is a Liberal... Keep on going until that FACT sinks in.

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"... a homeowner’s worst nightmare – the home invasion."

This is why I'm not the audience for these kinds of films: Since I'm never more than a couple of steps from a loaded firearm in my house - no kids here - that's more of a fantasy than a nightmare for me. lol.

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" It makes since..."


I know, I know: I'm being tiresome. Just the kind of mood I'm in.

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Never forget that the civilian leadership is responsible for the ROE. That's what needs to be changed first, then the sycophant middle command will be taken care of by more robust general officers.

Is it 2012 yet?

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That pic made me laugh out loud. Brilliant.