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The DOJ is the DOSJ

The Department of Social Justice !

He did promise a fundamental transformation, and we sure are getting one.

Good thing we have the mainstream media exposing the Marxist thug in the White House. This is why Andrew Breitbart was so important, the media has failed us, so WE must do the work...

Well I guess it is time for me to cling to my gun, and buy more ammo !

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well if you are not willing to cough up 10 bucks a month out of your own pocket, so that you can keep having coitus, you might not be a slut, bit you are an un-American Marxist !

No body is denying anybody anything !

Go buy your own, and get your f-ing hands out of my pockets.

I bet she has a cell phone, yet she can't spend 10 bucks so that she can keep on f-ing around !

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Alfonzo, you are the kind of guy that can carry the water. you are bold, and without fear. Fill the void my good man !

I will do my best in my small way, as we all should, however you are bigger than me, we need you man !

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We owe it to Andrew to continue his work !

We must NOT be afraid to speak the truth, and to point out the hypocritical left !

Rest in peace, you have our love...

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This is a very sad day, WE must carry Andrew's torch !

It will require the work of many to do what one great man (Andrew Breitbart) did !

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Amen brother,

WE must carry on the fight !

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I agree, I am at a loss.

Evil is happy we lost a warrior that recognized evil for what it is !

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This site needs to continue, his work needs to keep going !

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"Debbie does Obama" flounders at life !

She talks very funny, as if something has damaged the back of her throat ?

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I guess the liberal teachers in the liberal government schools are to blame?

If this happened in a private conservative institution with conservatives in charge, would they not be blamed by the media and lib politicians ???