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True dat. You want to know the really silly thing?

It's a still a crime to smoke pot in public in Seattle, but the SPD has been told not to issue citations.

However-- if you walk down the street with a beer-- they WILL cite you for drinking in public.

Sanity has left the building. If Mt. Rainier were to erupt and take out Seattle/Tacoma, I'm beginning to think it would be an improvement.

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Tell them why:

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Let them know how you feel:

These cowards need to learn that merely advertising on EIB probably lost them 20% of the leftist feaks in America (the same freaks that probably believe that Free Flowers is a "right"). Not much in lost sales there.

Now they've gone and ticked off the 25-30% of the conservatives who are in the know and actually make and spend money with them.

Have no fear though... companies are on a waiting list for EIB advertising. Time to support the ones who do not cave.

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Well, no more ProFlowers for me then. (1 good boycott deserves another)

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It's because Nymphos are Fun and Sluts are Psycho feminists with Daddy issues.

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Ah, you are being too generous.

You put a Nympho's name and number in your black book, and call on her between girlfriends.
You never give a Slut your real name or number, and try to get away from her as soon as you're done.

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Oh... Keemoslob… paragon of virtue...

Hey... Andrew didn't say anything that your heroine slut who wants me to pay for her contraception hasn't heard while on her back.

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So-- now "women's rights" includes access to my wallet? (to pay for their lifestyle)

Sorry-- I married 1 woman (and I'll gladly pay for her stuff). Not all of them.

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Please... not while I'm drinking my Kona Nut coffee....

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HBO (Home Butt Odor) is another name for BHO (Barack Hussein Obama)