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Dr. Daniel Amen who runs the Amen Clinics says that brains of people who are chronic marijuana users resemble the unhealthy brains of people whose brains have been deprived of oxygen and alzheimers patients. The brains look like they've been eaten by acid. On a brain SPECT scans which measures blood flow, the brains, instead of looking smooth and rounded, look scalloped and are filled with holes, areas where blood no longer flows. Dead zones essentially. People who have used pot since their teen years, have a permanent IQ drop of on average 8 IQ points. You can check out the photos of the brains scans at his site, or at this link:

"This should come as a shock to those who want to downgrade cannabis from a class B to a class C drug. Like other recreational drugs, cannabis squeezes down blood flow, leading to brain cell damage and death. Dr Amen’s research has found that it particularly affects the temporal lobes - the greatly enlarged black spots on either side of the middle of the picture. This area is responsible for memory - could this, he wonders, be a reason for the poor memory and lack of motivation that chronic users often report? This patient was a 16-yearold boy who had used marijuana every day for two years. The scan came as a great shock to him and his father, who was a doctor and strongly opposed to recreational drugs."

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So Republicans want to repeat the error the voters made with Obama and once again hire someone with

No governing experience,
No business experience, and
No economic experience.

Really, when we are facing the largest economic crisis in American history?

Why would we make that critical mistake? Romney has said he's balance the budget without raising taxes. He said he will fix the economy because he understands the economy. What proof is there that Santorum understand business and economics? Santorum has zero governing experience.

This is like trying to convince a lovestruck daughter that her biker boyfriend has no education, no financial prospects, and has never lived on his own...so that makes him a poor risk to be a good husband. She can't see it.

Santorum will be a very poor risk as a leader, when he has NEVER governed. What can be more obvious than that?

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These fallacious policies undermine troop and supporter confidence. Who would want to undermine military confidence? The list is legion.

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Romney understands finance, business and economics to a degree which completely overshadows all other candidates. We need a financial superstar to captain our team, one who has a passionate commitment to prosperity and will aggressively defend America and her right to be prosperous. We need a financial genius - and Romney is a financial genius.

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The media, as always, are misogynistic towards conservative women. Secondly, how could it be about skin color, when many people in Arizona are suntanned darker than Obama? Race, ha. Shows they are pathetic and panicked.

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My new favorite pro-life slogan: "Babies fight back."

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It was a different group completely, and it was 25 seals and several other people - all killed.

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Mitt isn't just sitting on a pile of money, his money is lent out to other people in investments - his money is helping others make money using his money...and in the process getting paid to do it. What's wrong with that?? Would it better if he didn't lend it out? If he had 200 million dollars in his sock drawer?

If anything this election is pointing out low Financial IQ scores of the general population - and some others like Gingrich and Perry. We've taught our kids how to wear condoms, and how babies are made. Have we ever taught them how jobs are made? I'd like to see that question come up in an Obama Romney debate. Obama has no idea how to create a revenue producing job.

PS. Soros is a billionaire, Romney has 1/4 of that amount.

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Kevin's right to be concerned. Many in the church who are not political have a hard time imagining why people would hate us. WE don't hate them. So it does sometimes come as a shock and a surprise, but not to church leadership, and not to politically active members.

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I agree with you on the characterisation of effete. We've often thought he should sign himself up for martial arts classes or something. The New Hampshire speech was better - more alpha. I get your concerns and share many of them.