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Take a gander at Michael Moore's Million-dollar Fat Cave, occupiers.

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Kind of like "gun free zones" say - hey, come shoot us!

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Damn, Cain's throwing down the gauntlet to the establishment RINOs.

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Sleep deprivation is a cult-building tactic. Expect to see the loons get even more depraved shortly.

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Did the social parasites got actual parasites yet?

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GOP Hack



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This is a little more serious than what I am used to seeing from the Republican Party. Hopefully, this is part of a year-long preview heading into the 2012 elections.

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It's not clear to me in a free country what religion has to do with government policy. But I'm not sure we're a free country. Federal government power was intended to be very limited in the United States. But progressives have been conducting warfare on religion, by abusing the public education system, for one example. Republicans could use religion in a cultural sense, but should make clear that they have no intention to enforce their religious views on others. It seems obvious, but leftists like to twist this issue to their advantage quite often by making religious conviction mean anti-freedom, thereby pitting conservatives against libertarian types.

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What is pseudoscience is the notion that man makes a significant impact on the climate. Not even the daftest medieval peasant could be talked into believing that superstitious tripe. Man's impact on the greenhouse effect is around .28%. Not exactly apocalyptic.

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Their minimal goal is just to make trouble, to undercut, to confuse, to demoralize, to destroy. Their ultimate goal is to take over.

To such leadership, the college rebels are merely cannon fodder. Intended to stick their headless necks out, to fight on campuses, to go to jail, to lose their careers, and their future, and eventually, if the leadership succeeds, to fight in the streets, and lose their non-absolute lives, paving the way for the absolute dictatorship of whoever is the bloodiest among the thugs scrambling for power. Young fools who refuse to look beyond the immediate now have no way of knowing whose long-range goals they are serving.

The communists are involved, among others. But like the others, they are merely the manipulators, not the cause of the student rebellion. This is an example of the fact that whenever they win, they win by default."

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