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Didn't he reportedly molest his daughter? How come guys like Flynt are heroes to the left?

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I'm getting to believe that the left loves forcing entities to do their bidding. Like conquering an enemy.

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Stupe's back!

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Bill's always been a bottom feeding pinko.

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Bwaaaaahaaaaaaa...please stop Obama, you're killing me. It's NOT April 1st, is it? Did I miss something?

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You can do whatever you want with your womb, just don't expect me or anyone else to pay for it. On one had they want government off their bodies, on the other hand they want government to pay for what they do with their bodies. Liberals ARE kooky people.

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So killing a woman isn't high on your list for being a scumbag?

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A very sad day. Andrew was truly someone who wasn't afraid to get in the faces of the opposition and left them looking completely stupid and uninformed (as usual) He will be very missed. It'll be very hard to fill those shoes.

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I noticed that they calmly killed 2 soldiers AFTER the apology and injured a few more. This guy's going to get us all killed with his skewed view of himself. Dirty Harry once said "A man's got to know his limitations." Obama's way past that point and he thinks he's Crocodile Dundee putting down the water buffalo by humming and hypnotizing it.

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You do know that JFK was dead in 1964 don't you moron? JFK would be a Republican by today's standards. Today's Democrat party is the party of McGovern and Mondale. Only further left. For a liberal you ain't 2 smart!