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Oh, f*ck yeah, sparkle sparkle sparkle.

First, I cant believe I actually got a chance to use that.
Second, the sparkle sparkle sparkle has been doubled.
Third, Why is Scoots not on a scooter, as she should clearly be.

What is next ponies and f*cking bubbles. A little too much NC lately.

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You may not be aware of this, but many in the media pander to Islam and attack Christianity (or Israel). The liberal media has no moral structure or respect for others opinions. All the liberal media wants is someone to attack to just push their agenda further, and if it means impeding on others rights Constitution or Natural/God given, they will do so.

Cant get any more bigoted than the liberal media and their hatred for anything that is considered a moral compass.

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While Obama thinks we have 58 states, and opposes the limitations of government put forth by the US Constitution.

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The US government already screw with the American public at will.

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You are aware the Dems are the exact same way. Obama himself was greatly promoted by Wall Street more so than any GOP candidate during the 08 election. Cronyism is live and well in both parties, and every single Dem is paid off just like you blame GOP as well.

In order to truly end this, we need to sever the ties between government and corporations. Afterall, they are both to blame for this and as you can tell by some policies and in some states, the government will hurt the people and gain benefit from it as well. It is how you can explain New York, California, Illinois, and other liberal states.

As for a merger itself, sometimes they help the customer, and sometimes they dont. For the business though, mergers generally mean market expansions and more growth, which will lead to more employment and so forth. This is all basic economics, so please tell me you atleast understand that.

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Actually, you are the one spewing hate and you are clearly disjointed as you try to focus the attention to yourself instead of the thread at hand, therefore you are also a jerk.

Just like your little quote there, do you have a point Ruknuts?

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It really is pathetic that all you can attribute to the forum is a weak and baseless attack. Not only is your reading comprehension lower than that of a grade school student, but you refuse to use any logic or common sense in any of your meaningless posts.

You seriously need to get a life and quit living under the shadow of the liberal/progressive media talking heads.

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Individual needs far outweigh the needs of a moronic collective. Since a collective destroys individuality and personal freedoms and liberties. In return, the collective is no different than the corrupt people they are trying to over through.

Collectivism is just another form of slavery.

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In order to do that, we need to grow our economy here by producing here, and the Obama administration has no interests in doing such.

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Actually, those scientists are wrong. We have many more reserves and even more natural gas. The reason I know this is cause I know people in the field and have done their work over the years. We are no where near as limited as you think, as the politicians want to control it.

Just to say, the 'peak oil' is a complete fabrication. If you bothered looking them up and seeing how the Earth produces oil, then you will understand we are very far from peak.

If we get out of the middle east now, we wouldnt have to care about if other countries want their oil or not. Besides, there is already no peace there with or without the US in the way. If we go for energy independence, we will no longer be hindering our own country at the cost of another just for some fuel.