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My new work (will be a year in Dec!) is very weird, but skype chat is a huge thing, as is email. Any face-to-face is scheduled. In advance. Of course, it is huge, but even for people in my office/building it is more normal to connect electronically than ftf. For folks in the other buildings, it only makes sense for chat/email/phone. Culturally, still, I don't like it. Territorial, insular, don't-make-waves, we'vealwaysdoneitthisway -- it's maddening.

Anyway, I've some solid colleague/friends just based on phone/Skype/email -- but I will meet them in person! I tangled with logistics, but now we're solid -- I went to meet them in person. (And I have sent fun pics to my HR bestie - who I've never seen irl.)

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I will take some, and use them up. My ex -- the hoarder -- would put them into storage totes and store them. My sister and I were decluttering (aka reducing the hoard) and we found so many paper towels (like from a gas station) and paper napkins from wherever in so many totes. Like saving them for the zombie apocalypse or something. Oh, and like at least $400 cash mixed in.

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The bags attached at the Target self-check (I usually never use the self-check but the Target after work yesterday had *one* cashier line, crammed with families and small children. No.) So I had to pull the bags open and they were all stuck together. I had one bag with bags attached, and I just take them. The woman watching the line went to my cart and asked if I needed the extra bags! I AM A THIEF.

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I like it sometimes. Also, salt on raw radishes.

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I got to have fake/synthetic heroin planted in my office yesterday, so the police could do their monthly training with the K9. It. Was. Awesome! K9 Murphy! ETA: he found the fake drugs on every floor! Woot!

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I just hid a bunch of comments on my FB. Two law school classmates seem to fucking love fighting each other on my posts. This is about mass shootings being the province of angry white racist men. One believes it, the other (oh, a white man - but Jewish!) rebuts. Next I'm deleting, then snoozing. I don't want to defriend, but dammit!

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Poor baby!

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Completely frivolous post, mostly. I have restarted Retin-A about four weeks ago. I have had such awful flaky skin, and now I am breaking out. I have never made it this far, I am determined to keep up with this, bc everything I read says it it the best for skin, and I would really like nice skin on my face. Experience? Anecdotes? Advice? Warm wishes? I am only using 2-3 times a week right now. And moisturizing. And exfoliating.