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I love her so much, it will seriously kill me to give her up. We are doing everything we can. I had an absolute emotional breakdown last night. These last two years have been really, really awful.

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Thanks for saying that. I feel like such a baby for being afraid, but the attack was traumatizing for me. I used to be scared of dogs until we got our sweet hounds. I appreciate hearing that the anxiety will fade again. She's such a loving dog.

We are calling the vet today about the prozac and CBD oil.

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We live in an old fairly big 1980s style house and I've already enclosed some rooms with bookshelves, etc to give privacy and he uses our dining room as "his" room. We have a big sunken living room area that's "ours" and it is open to the main hallway. I'm thinking about boarding that up too to establish separate living areas. I hate that negative energy as much as the dogs. It's a great idea, thanks.

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I haven't thought of that one yet. I'll add that to the list. It's my favorite option so far. lol

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Yep, that's what I was afraid of. My dad is not capable of altering his behavior at all. He's never been the problem, see? It's everyone else who are the assholes.

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Was it the epilepsy medication that chilled him out? That's encouraging. The vet said it could be Maya's thyroid, but honestly I think it's just triggers. She can't handle a lot of commotion and negative energy. I can only guess at her past experience, she was abandoned in our town.

Thanks for your kind words...I'm kind of a basket case these days.

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Hey all. Does anyone have experience with using prozac for an aggressive-ish dog? We are trying to figure out all our options for Maya. She is escalating her aggression towards my 83 year old dad though in her defense, it's usually when he triggers her. This latest incident on Wednesday, I was cooking on the stove and he was throwing empty tissue boxes on the floor behind me (to crush for the garbage). She barked once, took a running leap and clamped down on his face. I swear to God I thought she bit his face off. I screamed her name, grabbed her and put her outside. She knew she fucked up. The only place she drew blood was on his chin so we were lucky as hell. She's a huge dog.

The vet has talked to us about options, one of which is prozac. The thing about my dad is that he exudes toxic energy. We can keep them separated in the house but all I need is the one time my dad forgets and goes outside and she attacks him. I want to know if prozac would help her get past her anxiety about my dad. They have been around each other plenty in two years and she's fine most of the time EXCEPT when she's triggered by something he does she sees as threatening.

The attack in the kitchen really upset me, my anxiety is through the roof. I can't sleep for being afraid of and for Maya. She doesn't deserve this. My dad is a world class asshole and they truly have nowhere else to go. They have no money and nobody else who will take them in bc of my dad. Everybody hates him.

Ugh, sorry for the word vomit. I just need a miracle here. As my vet said "I don't want to read about you guys in the news."

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So I think we will have to rehome Maya. Something about my dad triggers her and today she lunged across the floor and bit his face. Just out of nowhere. This is the 3rd time she's bit/nipped him. She is the most loving, sweet, happy dog but something about him threatens her. I am just sick about this. I would rather rehome my dad.

Anyone interested in a boxer (maybe Great Dane) mix in the Georgia area? She's almost 100 pounds now, spayed, prob about 3 years old. She will lick you to death and is funny and goofy and so many good things. I love her so much, but the situation is not good.

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I had a dream last night that there was rebellion in the White House and the current administration was unceremoniously ousted. There was great joy and celebration in the land. It was glorious.

I checked the news the minute i woke up but nope. Just a dream. :(

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Adorable! 5-6 months is when babies really start being fun and not just messy poop machines. Enjoy every minute!