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I saw this video on a Charles Adler Show on Sun News Network (a Canadian Conservative TV Station) on October 25, 2011. Awesome video!

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I'm glad Canada doesn't have an embargo on Andrew :) ! Andrew has been on Ezra's show a few times.

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Did you mean "conservation"? - the protection of plants, animals and land.

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Lefty, I knew I forgot to type something at the end of my message "/sarc". Sheesh...LOL!

Just remember, YOU have contributed to climate change (i.e. housing, food, transporation, hot air /sarc, etc). We SHOULD be good steward's of the planet. It is HOW the Environuts want to change to happen that is wrong. The only way that we could totally reverse the tread is for there to be NO humans on the planet. They are just on a power and control trip.

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Don't forget the West Coast (northern part of US and Canada), the last six months have been coller/wetter than normal.

In most places in the US and Canada the terms used are Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall - the climate CHANGES each season depending on where you live.

Now I will let you go, have to call in the Hazmat team to clean up a broken bulb (that the "Climate Change" people say I have to use) due to the mercury in them.

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Gee Lefty, for a sec, I thought you were talking about liberals, my bad!!! Many on the left have no righteousness, extremely judgmental (i.e. your comment above), are of no-mind and extremely nasty (i.e. Garafalo, Moore, Griffin, etc., etc.). That is why Hollywood is becoming irrelevant. It won't become relevant again until they get over the guilt of them living the (supposed) white, male conservative lifestyle (all that money, cars, houses, maids, staff, etc.) and start growing up.

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I wuva, wuva you...LOL! :) That is the best compliment I have received in eons...LMAO!

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Ben, I am part way through the book (at the "Three Company's" section) and I am thoroughly enjoying the book. It helped to explain why I hated or felt indifferent to certain TV characters.

I also hate the fact that in 25 days, I will no longer be in the 18-49 demographics...LOL!

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I guess Willis is fact checking like "Bright Lights, Big City" kind of way!

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PETA are just sick! The more left they become, the further down the evoluntionary chain the go!