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"The Pure Ones believe that the strong must rule the week"

Well at least there is always the weekend.

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Don't forget Clint Eastwood! He'd have been a great pissy former general.

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Bob I see where your going but there are some major flaws in your logic.

First the game you mentioned with Reagan, "Bad Dudes", received funding from the Federal Government as part of the "Just Say No" campaign. It was a pretty effective part of the youth outreach campaign.

Now the problem with putting Obama in Madden, aside from the fact that no other President has ever been put in a Madden game, is this. When you win the Superbowl you are doing so in what is called "Franchise" mode which puts you in control of a given team for up to 15 years. This as you can imagine presents a problem from a realism standpoint in that you can't have the same President in there for 15 years (unless this is one of the "fundamental changes" he had in mind". Clearly it would have made significantly more sense to have a fake President that changed every few years.

As for the dolls you mentioned every president has those, I even have a 1943 doll of PM Churchill, heck serial killers get dolls so that is certainly no symbol of stature.

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Okay I'm sorry but the director is named "Nimrod"? I've referred to most in Hollywood by that name for years.

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The cartoon series was amazing and one of the best written shows on television animated or otherwise. The Avatar was essentially a weapon who was so powerful that no nation dared get out of line because he would crush them, think of him as a nuke. However when that great power was gone from the world an evil force (in this case the Fire Nation) came in to fill the vacuum. The Fire Nation was full of Nazi-esque mystique including an innate belief that they were superior to others. There were also a lot of deeper character stories about honor and loyalty as well as what you want versus what was your duty. Just an outstanding show.

Hopefully M.Night hasn't screwed the pooch too badly.

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No. No...I'm with Buckwheat this sounds like utter gibberish.

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Hmmm...I'm sorry and I don't mean this to sound disrespectful in the least but I just didn't get this article. It just felt really disjointed and rambly. Maybe that was just me though.

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You're probably correct there which is heartening I suppose but what do you do when they will no longer listen to the majority? We've beecome a tyranny of the minority with a docile majority that's unwilling to do anything beyond holding signs. Don't get me wrong I've attended these rallies many times and will likely be attending many more but you can see it in the faces of the people there, we know we don't matter to them and they are not afraid of us.

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I don't mean this to sound hateful but you gotta lighten up. The part you are referring to puts you in the middle of a terrorist attack and personally I have no objection to showing how horrific and evil these people are. Also if we start beating them over the heads with family values we'll end up with a second term of Obama, family values are better left to the family than to politicians. We need are politicians to stick to their constitutionally delegated powers, get our deficit under control, get illegal immigration in check, and reintroduce our nation to the ideas of liberty and personal responsibility. I'll decide how my children should be raised because instilling values in them is my job as a parent .

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Battlefield 2 isn't out yet though so they couldn't put it up.