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Yes. Please let us know if there will be any tribute in the So Cal area.

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I am so heartbroken at this news. But please tell me that his death is being investigated. I'm having an extremely hard time buying natural causes. We know that this administration will stop at NOTHING to stay in power.

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Ballotpedia has started to compile info on California voter fraud.

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Here's what I really want to know: is there anyone on the right who is coming up with a plan to counter this strategy?

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Yes, thank you for the correction. That was the line I was trying to remember.

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Woo hoo!! that may be the best news I've heard so far this year!

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This is one of my favorite shows. I've only watched part of this episode, but I did notice a line that was said by the werewolf character that sounded anti-semitic. I think it was something about labeling this Geier species as greedy - can't remember off the top of my head. That line made me wonder if they were getting some subtle digs in at the Jews. Now that I see the pics above, it makes me wonder even more.

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I was going to make a comment about SERE school as well. My ex, a former Navy pilot, went through SERE school in So Cal and was waterboarded. Did not sound like fun, but not torture either.

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exactly. how quickly lefties forget the bs they put him through for 8 years. hollywood even made a movie about killing him.

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Just last night I saw her on Extra or ET talking about how Nachos were a great Super Bowl snack. Her hypocrisy knows no bounds.