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The Red Menace never looked so good.

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Man, Kochar. This historic piece of writing deserves a place in history for being the first to point out that historically, history hasn't been called history until it's been history for quite some time. The the historical concept of history has, unfortunately, become history, relegated to the annals of history and rarely mentioned in history books. Historic.

(Loved the piece, Kochar!)

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Reading "President Walter Mondale" gave me a rash.

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I didn't say I was a pacifist - I just drew a distinction between the beliefs of a large portion of the student body and the conclusion Anti tried to draw. I wasn't making any qualitative judgments in the least.

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Actually, the school was founded by a pacifist organization and continues to stress the importance of nonviolence to the student body. No dice, Auntie.

However, I did find a nice recipe for pie that you'll appreciate if you e-mail me.

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What happened to Nolte? Within a period of ten years he became your drunk uncle that lives way out of town.

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Yeah Ellis - the best thing about teaching in a private school, for me, is the concurrent Firefly / American Western unit.

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Private education is enjoying healthy growth because of the problems you've addressed. I teach at a private school, and the freedom of expression in the classroom is something that I and the students value in equal measure. Many public schools are glorified prisons these days - the ability to choose your child's education is more important than ever.

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That Kriskey's right on AGAIN!

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All right, and I trust you'll keep a list of those of us who have been there, and you'll moderate those comments separately?