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Hey all! I just walked home through a snowstorm from a 12-hour day at the office, doing construction estimation! Instead of champagne, I'll be drinking copious quantities of orange juice, in an attempt to stave off the cold I feel coming on.

So happy new year too all! May your evening be more enjoyable than mine.

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Given the pricing of the rest of Scion's lineup, and how decontented the FR-S is compared to the $24k - 27k BRZ (my personal favorite - the front fasica is much cleaner and I like the interior treatment better, but as someone who'd be trying to make a competitive autocrosser out of one of these I wonder about the weight penalty it carries versus the FR-S), I'd be shocked if it started much over $20 - 21k. Doubtless you'll be able to option the crap out of the Scion version at considerable cost, so it's hard to tell where the price ceiling would be.

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It means you've forgotten about the Aveo.

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1'd for the greatest psychotic killer beauty queen to ever grace the deck of a modern-day pirate ship. Needs more Balalaika, though.

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if you check out the forum, there are some pretty slick user-made mods. NERVA/NTR motors, ion engines, larger-diameter tanks, satellites, fairings, even all you'd need for a decent Ares V replica.

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I think this is where I ought to pimp my latest favorite time-waster: Kerbal Space Program! Take the reins of the galaxy's most most comically irresponsible space program, and build complicated multistage rockets, crewed by the Kerman brothers, Bill, Jeb, and Bob. Maybe they'll reach orbit! Maybe they'll flip upside-down and smash into the planet at Mach 3! Maybe they'll fly off on a hyperbolic trajectory, never to be seen again! ...Or maybe they'll just explode on the launch pad.

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My old college roommate and I, after we'd gotten bored of our transonic nerf gun, tried to build a coil gun. It didn't really work, but at least all those copper windings on a sturdy tube made for a nice, hefty truncheon. Later, we tried to launch some mice we found in our rental into outer space (with an earth-friendly, biodegradable paper rocket!), but we'd undersized the motor. They only made it up about fifty feet, and, then the recovery parachute got tangled in the neighbors' trees.

...Wow, reading that back out makes us sound like the world's lamest supervillains.

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As a small dorm (50 guys), we didn't have too many problems like that... except for the night when the leaking-prodigiously-for-six-months second floor showers leaked down into a smoke detector on the floor below. Between the hours of two and six that morning, there were four separate false alarms, culminating in the housing department kicking everybody out of the hall with whatever clothes and textbooks one could grab on the way out, and closing the building down for six hours while they "fixed the problem."

Oh, by the way, the "fix" was to disable the shorted smoke detector. As far as I know, those showers leak to this day.

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My old co-op living college residence hall could have used one of those when I was there, seeing as one weekend somebody came in so drunk as to throw a min-pizza in the microwave, set it for something like 60 minutes, and then wander off and fall asleep. The rest of the hall was up at three that morning, when the pizza finally caught fire and set off the alarms.

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intensedebate, huh? I was never aware of this plugin for Wordpress. That's pretty spiffy!