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That's the state flag of Georgia until 2001, though...

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it's just been revoked! :D

All good!

/pedant OFF

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WOO HOO! I actually just found my meager collection of four the other day, having thought them lost in a move. I used to always carry one with me cause I liked doing tricks with it and having something to create noise with, A.D.D. FTW? I know somewhere I still have a Zippo that opens to be a flashlight inside, but it wasn't with the other four... no biggie. Most importantly I have the one my non-smoking family gave my non-smoking self for my 21st thats engraved with my name. My fave though I got for free at a club one night when Malboro was promoting the then new No. 27 flavor (admittedly good cigs); it was bronze when new and now has a nice tarnish and wear on it making it seem like it could be from the 50s...

Thanks for the background!!!

pedant mode: technically the wick is replaceable too, hrrrmmm?

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Obviously everyone's favorite musical instrument... THE WASHBOARD!!!! *pllllrrrrfricketfrickyfrickyfrickyplrrrrflick*