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..... can't resist another jingle... "Style and technology in total harmony...." (which is sadly what came to mind when I saw the pin that said "in perfect harmony")

[youtube vMTACdUc30g youtube]

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Are you suggesting we keep the Navigator around?

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I had a co-worker who got one of these as a rental. He looked at the name on the keys "Captiva" and was puzzled.... What is this? What do I look for in the lot? A car? A truck? An SUV?

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They did have beefed up sub frames, but i found a good description from, regarding the Aerostar: "This design was developed because the designers in Ford's truck office were unfamiliar and uncomfortable with unibody construction, and essentially designed the frame rails into the Aerostar's unibody (this construction was also used on the Chevrolet/GMC G-Series vans, the second generation Jeep Cherokee), and today's Honda Ridgeline pickup."

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When you mentioned that asymmetrical look, for whatever reason, the first thing that popped into my mind was a Saturn commercial from the early 90's..... found the video on YouTube.... at the end, there's a Saturn with that look. For better or worse, it apparently lodged into my head something fierce.

[youtube 2Fx_fsgqBrM youtube]

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I miss having the time at work to regularly check Hooniverse, but I appreciate this article!!!!

I have brochures for the Aerostar mostly from the earlier years. The 86 book (first year of production) is fun to look at, because the pictures were taken before the van was for sale (obviously), but more fun is finding the errors in what was published, and what actually became available. I don't think you can find a picture in the 86 book of one with a roof rack, but most of them had one... the stamped steel wheels were all chrome plated, there were other errors in interior trim and the like, but I may be one of only a handful who actually noticed.

thank you for this article... it made my day!

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Don't ever EVER apologize for being an Aerostar fan!

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"And you thought it wasn't possible to show up wearing leather to our wedding"

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.....sitting on the console, because there was no cup holder, right? But I bet there were a couple ashtrays for the pack of Marlboro's next to the beer glass.

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I've been away for too long, work uses up Hooniverse time..... but felt I needed at least to say something here, even if it's 9 weeks late....... I understand, I may be the only one, but I understand.