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Don't hate on the 1960s, for they had modernism:

And the inspiration for another design revolutionary, Apple...

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Someday, future archaeologists will look back at the 1980s and decide that was when the whole human race turned to crap.

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Hey, my generation was the first to take them with the new 2400 scale! That's something I'll tell my grandkids so he won't steal my dentures. Also, I got a 2220 because my Tiger Mom had me study for them since 7th grade.

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God DAMN I love Waffle House. I wish they would expand into the Northeast market without irony.

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My junior year dorm could have used something like that...3 months and 15 fire drills doesn't add up. It was half people leaving popcorn in the microwave for 20 minutes, and half a faulty fire alarm. Oh, and I lived on the top of the 11th-floor building, and every time it happened it only increased my appetite for murder.

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Good call. Tho I had a hard time deciding between that and "Breakfast Machine:"

[youtube fj9OWEm_uSM youtube]

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Or flapper girls.

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I love how this implies that he just leaves tube-chassis Lotus Europas with mid-mounted 351 Clevelands around willy-nilly.

"Hey Pops, where'd you put the band saw?"
"Oh it's in the basement, behind the tube-chassis Lotus Europa, next to the treadmill on the left, might have to move that box of old photographs first..."

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Speaking of flying on planes, I can never catch more than half an hour's worth in economy seats. I'm usually hunched over the tray table in some sort of spine-shattering upright fetal position, or drooling on a neighbor's shoulder with my feet splayed out for maximum drink-cart-stubbing potential. But this week I flew back from London to Boston after staying up all night (don't ask), and just my luck, I nabbed the center aisle, and all three seats were empty. I slept like a mothereffin' baby. It was the best sleep I've ever had on a plane since I was 6.