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Testing, testing, hot-mike, hot-mike....

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Welp, it was a half valid test. The comment itself got approved 3 minutes before I commented on it, but was sitting there for 172 weeks, so I'm not sure how those two variables play into the grand scheme.

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I think at one point the entire crew was in the queue slashing away. We are down to 6K now and dropping like a rock.

I did notice that Texan Idiot and Scrogs in particular had a bunch of photo comments caught up in our filters, most of them have been/are getting restored, but a few slipped into the cyber-bin on accident. (oops!)

If anyone's stuff starts teleporting to another dimension, don't fret, let us know and we'll free it from limbo.

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I cursed them for keeping it close to their chest as well.

Evidently the seedy underbelly of the old B&S motor world is a cutthroat place.

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This makes me giggle.

Coming from you makes it even funnier.

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A 1993 Hoover Runabout, the best damn vacuum I've EVER had.

I spent the effort to research & highest rated the most efficient models available at the time, and found one in the Navy Exchange at N.A.S. Miramar brand new. A weird color, but it had 15.5 cleaning amps, which was the standard of measurement at the time and the most I could find without spending twice the money..

I brought it home and nothing else has ever come close to getting floors as clean. Everyone who has borrowed it raves about how well it works. Every girlfriend or ex-wife who has used it has tried to make me get rid of it, complaining that it is ugly & too much work to push around. It's outlasted half a dozen exes, numerous roomates who tried to steal it, and all machines that have come after it.

Half the tool storage clips are busted off, the bag is held together with red duck-tape, and the electrical cord has been patched numerous times but it just keeps on keeping on. Just last month it started to loose some spunk so I changed the belt... the FIRST time in over 20 years. Now it's right back into fighting form.

We recently sold Super-Spouse's fancy new bagless upright while downsizing for the move to the new place, and brought the good old Runabout instead. This time it was her choice, which stunned us both.

However, suddenly a challenger has appeared.... she now has her eye on one of them fancy slim new cordless Dyson units.

<the Runabout cracks its knuckles, narrows eyes> "20 years and counting... bring it on, punk".

(Just like unit on left, but beat up & covered in red tape)

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'66 Chrysler Newport!! I've got a giant Mopar C-body of similar color and vintage. It's tried to kill everyone who has ever ridden in or driven it except me. Lots of fireballs involved. Maybe this will be its new theme song.

This was a great, weird time to be a teen. Muscle cars were cheap used cars, music was mostly good (and disco was finally over), and Valley Girls hadn't quite sullied the landscape yet. And our local supermarket got its first arcade video game, Defender (the best arcade game evar!)

Sadly, this was the year I got a new-wave Brillo-mullet. See also trench-coat and fedora.

I'm not proud. But it's important to preserve history as a teachable moment, if nothing else

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There's a huge hole in that moon.

Matter of fact, it looks a lot like something we bought from Ikea.

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To be fair, I never actually crawled under my desk.

And really, who DOESN'T wear their hardhat while watching TV?