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Ria will be home for the weekend of Feb. 17th. We'll get er done! Hopefully it won't just be me, you and Russ :D.

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We're still in Indiana, waiting for a house in WA (where Ria is currently stationed) and we have orders for Ft. Carson (Colorado) in October. Both places with some amazing backdrops. Should make for some great photos :-).

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Nice look. Love the simplicity!

I'm hoping for some photographical amazement in Washington and Colorado in 2012. Can't imagine the beauty that awaits us.

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Ya'all are a trip!
Never had Netflix til January 2012. Have Apple TV too, but Netflix is the cheap alternative....even if they have a million LESS movies than Apple. Amen on the G+!
Not sure how to say this, but 'Charlie's balls' nearly caused coffee to spew. Just sayin...

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Happy Birthday Tam!

I'm 38....lots left to do....just not sure what it is....should begin figuring it out pretty soon..

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Amityville Horror (new one)
House on Haunted Hill
28 Days (Ria's)
28 Weeks(Ria's)
Halloween (Rob Zombie version)(Ria's)
Sixth Sense is my personal favorite spooky flick :D

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It would be awesome to see all of these tattoos being done via video, or at least, pictures, flooding the net with Choose Joy.

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I don't care if they're fat. Don't really care if they can sing. But I do care if they're fake or bad actors. Maybe I don't know what genuine worship looks like....I dunno.....just haven't seen it in a LONG time.
All of your points makes sense to me though....different strokes for different folks. Deal with it or move on....what else can ya do?

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Rules are made to be broken.
Don't knock it til you've tried it.
One time won't kill ya.
Everyone is doing it.
If you love me you will...
You can do it on your own...who needs em!

LIES we should all avoid.