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I love you, Makeda. You know what a lifeline you are to me!!!

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Tam... I love you so! Thank you (and Brent) for choosing to journey with us in this time. Your prayers, along with the few others, were not only heard by God but became the catalyst that went before our healing as well as the encouraging caboose that gently nudged Brian and me into restoration. Your prayers and consistency is part of our story of reconciliation. I can never thank you enough for that, my dear friend.

This photo... my heart... my life support:
Renee Mytar, Lynse Stevens, Diane Goodwin, Crystal Renaud, Rose Braun, Angela Lawton-Walleson, YOU, Cathi Stegall, Mikey Sison, Allison McKenney & Helen Taylor

So thankful.

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I miss you! Don't enter me for the books since I already have it... Just wanted to say GREAT interview

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love you, tam! love you, kass! happy birthday, sweet angel. your laugh will always be one of my faves!

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i'm in. :)

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i loved this video. i loved you in it. you did a great job! *tears*

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there there it is. you've stepped into my world. i wish i could tell you it will go away in 6 months, but i still feel that... and that's with a really awesome group surrounding me. i love you. i know EXACTLY how to pray.

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i'm 5 months in... so i feel like i've found some real friends. and the level of friendship is always growing. i also am more familiar with all the new brands down here, but i won't lie. it doesn't replace the time invested in the many i left behind at home.

it also doesn't help that last year this time, the goodwin's were living with us... and we were down in medford with you guys having the most amazing late night tearful conversations... with brent snoring behind the couch.

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i know exactly what you mean. EXACTLY. except... i DID have sadness. not that i didn't enjoy the newness of it all... but i also mourned the "good-bye" of all i knew too.

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i know how that feels. you love deeply in response to being LOVED deeply. i love you.