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Hey, just checking in to see how you are doing since we don't see you on twitter anymore. Hope things are going well!
I will try to check this worship service out today.

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Yep, Storming until the iPhone comes!

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Wow, standing ovation for that one!

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WOW, that is just awesome! The sad thing is we get so stuck in our bubble, this should be the norm not something that wows us.

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I set up a dedicated Twitter account for a church plant we are starting, the pastor has been using it to convey our vision and goals for the new church along with info on community events we are doing.
Five Stones Church - http://twitter.com/5stoneschurch


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Catholic church until Communion then intermittently, then nothing until around college and I realized it is about a relationship not a religion, did not learn that in my Catholic Church though.

Now I will say my wife went to what I call an evangelical Catholic Church, does that make sense? :) They preached it there! Unfortunately that is not the norm in my experience but it does exist!

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Heaven will be a very diverse place so I agree, the best speakers no matter what color, but had a random thought pop in my head. Do you think there are other "non-white males" that have some of the same thoughts as you? Maybe they don't participate due to lack of diversity which is causing a vicious circle?

I really don't claim to know one way or another, again, the thought popped in my head and figured I would throw it out there for others to chew on also.