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Thanks Charlie St. Cloud.

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the trouble with us -- people, that is -- is that the lens through which we view ourselves hardly ever matches up with (God's) reality and how the rest of the world views us. It's either that we think we know too much about ourselves -- the little good, the more bad, the really ugly... OR we just don't know enough to know better (ie. haven't learned/experienced enough life and God to know).

the funny thing is, I follow your story like yours and say "amazing" while I look at my life and go "what am I doing w/ my life." and then someone will tell me that God is doing something good with and through me..... and that's is humbling.

so. I hardly know you. and yet, I'm really looking forward to meeting Mr. & Mrs. "Jelly." why? because i'm drawn by what I see -- Christ doing an amazing work in your lives. we see snippets of you working out your life in faith, swimming in as much joy, and humor, and exuberant hope, and love, and peace, and everything else that qualifies as the "stuff of life" as you possibly can muster day by day, moment by moment.

keep on keepin' on, chica!
why is it we can say these kids of things and yet have a hard time living 'em out sometimes?
sheesh... that's why I need grace! ;-)

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pure, unadulterated, grace and mercy laden sweetness.

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our church is right in the middle of a series called "finding REST." (

really good stuff and challenges us to step back from the frenetic life we entangle ourselves in, but more importantly to adjust our posture towards God in trusting Him to meet all our needs and take care of the details of life -- when we trust, then we have freedom in knowing God's faithfulness to us will provide so much more than what our own efforts to "manage" our lives can offer.


as a side note, Jonathan, Ed Allen, my pastor, mentioned that he's a friend of your Dad and had known you as a kid. small world!

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exciting times... congrats!

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most excellent! congrats!

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little dude has *more* facial hair than I could ever hope to grow in!

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My heart and prayers go out to ya! We've been through the same -- twice -- and it is definitely heart- and gut-wrenching... i'm tearing up right now trying to compose myself as I empathize w/ you and your family.

Grace and Peace, bro.

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i want in!