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BAMMM!!! Well spoken, Friend. (You've got a first aid kit handy though, right? :p)

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30% might seem a smidge high in some parts but here where I live wait staff only make about two-thirds (legally!) of the standard minimum wage. I think our goverment has allowed this because nobody claims their tips in their income tax calculations. Oh yes, they provide a line in your return for your tips?! o.0

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We've discussed this. I believe it's #14 on my list of the 25 Things You Should Know About Me. I never paid attention to its relationship to #13 until now though. I'll reiterate both here: (13) My favourite oxymoron is common sense. (14) I am of the belief that if you can’t afford to tip generously then you can’t afford to eat out. Period. I know far too many exhausted, hard-working, single mothers who depend on tips. Barring poisoning, and even then only if you can prove it, they deserve our generosity.

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Sinner saved by Grace ... not just for breakfast anymore
Check your meal plan at the door ...
(Hey, there's a song in there somewhere ... (8^D)

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The love that you two share shines all around you both and warms us all. Thank you! :)

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You already know it's #5 on my list. I will be changing it to #1 toot sweet. :p

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Brilliant post, Toby! I am especially pleased with the Gabe advertisement but I'm more impressed with his accompanying photo! (Dear Gabe, in an unrelated matter, if you're the one picking out your awesome t-shirts ... BRAVO!)

Chaya, I hope you have (had?) an amazing 1st day of school!!!

And to all you little fellows who are eager to push the limits of Chaya's kindness, be advised that The Keathley Kingdom spreads far and wide and is joined not by the blood of DNA but by the BLOOD OF THE LAMB. (operative word here is ... yep, you got it ... BLOOD) And we're cheap labour too. We work for cheesy taters. <3

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Just please make sure to let us know when the winner is announced. For now though, when is the entry deadline and how many have entered this year?

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oops! *clearly* (I said it was 4am, right?)

And I forgot to ask if we're able to see the other entrants? I don't feel the need to vote necessarily but I wouldn't mind seeing the competition. (I'm not bored ... I'm avoiding homework! :-p)

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It's 3:52am here and that's the best 10 middle-of-the-night minutes I've had in a long time! However, you forgot to throw a shout out to Private Potty Pants who was clear on duty securing the perimeter. (^_^)