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I have to ask. Is gall bladder pain worse than labor pains?

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Where in Alpharetta are you? I live in Norcross, which may be right down the road.

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Shaun, I love your church, and I plan to come visit. or at least stop by for some breakfast. The new family makes huge hikes to attend church challenging, but we do plan on coming back. (probably just for a visit, unless you relocate to Norcross)

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Having been a 'visitor' at your church and also being white, I feel I can speak for the entire white community when I say this...

Just kidding. I can't. I can, however speak for myself.

The 'blackness' had nothing to do with it. As a matter of fact,I liked that. It made me feel 'down'. (I think that's what they're calling it.) Your message was even really in line with what I needed to hear.

There were a lot of factors for me. The size, the location, and recent events that had shook us to be part of any church. Not to mention my overall cynicism towards any church, you have to understand that the 'hype' of the "Facebook Pastor" left me with a cynic taste in my mouth. (Right, wrong or indifferent.)

Oh. and the HUGE amount of black people. that scared the crap out of us. </sarcasm>

Hope this doesn't clear anything up at all. :)

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when Gemma touches stuff she's not supposed to, I hit her.

So. that was my sarcastic remark..... Obviously.

Honestly though, sometimes I wish God would take things out of my reach... but i get why He doesn't. Thing is though, I think sometimes he's taken ME out of the reach of things. Does that make sense? Picture like, when Eli is grabbing the machete, instead of moving the machete, you pick him up. That kinda feels like that's what God has done with me, but I have absolutely no scripture to back that up.

Also. Sometimes i think you ask me to 'fix your blog' so I can come here and read. ;) Have a good day sir.

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I e-mailed your wife, and she didn't write me back, so I'll post here. I have a good idea. Scratch that, a GREAT idea, and I need you to make it successful. Picture this. Cheese. Pogo Sticks. Ministry. Twitter. 'Nuff said. I don't have any details yet, and that's where you come in.

I can't really wait for you to 'pencil me in', so let's have lunch. Unless of course, you're too BIG for me now. I promise you I'll leave you enough time to do your sermon prep this week.


This is good stuff Shaun. Fortunately not only is it true, you're bold enough to say it, at risk of folk thinking you sound stuck up. You're doing awesome things, and with that comes people thinking you can make their things awesome. Keep it up, and remember, the only reason you're being bugged is because people see potential in the awesomeness you're doing.

Rock on man.

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I did not know you had to have teeth to make the B sound. I've tried several times, and I don't think I need teeth...........

The Dunth comment was directly making fun of me. I know it.

I don't know anything about herple..... so. I'm not touching it with a 12 foot pole...

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I was unable to watch your youtube video, because I'm at work and can't access the site, so I don't know what it is. But, normally I find it humorous how liberals and conservatives use YouTube and E-mail forwards to prove their political agenda. ;)

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I got what you Shaun was saying. I don't believe he is demonizing conservatives, and he spoke pretty directly to 'liberals' as well. (for the record I am anti war, and anti capital punishment and since my wife became pregnant and we had a daughter, pro- life.)

While Obama's church (Weird he has a church when he's a muslim) can be racist, talking about specific churches was not in Shaun's interest, I think, mainly because he would have to start a new blog just for that....

Assuming people are racist because they don't support Obama is a political move, however, the very clear line he drew was not disagreeing with his politics, but the outcry that he is not a citizen or he is a Muslim. The point was, get educated.. it's ok to disagree with people's politics, but choosing other methods of slander to envoke fear, or just plain out lie, is unnecessary and can be viewed as racist...

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I like Obama. I like at the Saddle back Forum with Rick Warren, he said the most important verse to him was, "What you've done to the least of these, you've done to me."

I like what he's doing, mostly.

IF this was strictly politics, we could go a step further and ask, where was the outrage when Clinton was sitting on his hands during the Rwanda incident. No one said anything about it.

However, now, there is a black man in office, doing, what I believe he feels is RIGHT for this country.

All of a sudden, he's catching hell for *GASP* trying to provide healthcare to everyone!
He's catching hell for *GASP* trying to make it harder for credit card companies and banks to screw YOU!.
He's catching hell for *GASP* making sure there is more funding for psychologist and psychiatrists for soldiers returning from war!

This guy CLEARLY is of the DEVIL because he wants to HELP THE LEAST OF THESE... and I'm certain that's what the Bible says....

I think.