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I guess its mostly your honesty. The fact that you have an audience as big as you do and still find time to encourage a nobody like me, and have the nerve to be so truthful and not apologize for it. I think a long time ago, I saw something in you I saw in myself. I don't see that in everyone, in fact I wish I saw it in more people, I've read a ton of blogs, but I only sub to about 15 now. I pray for you and your family every day. I don't "know" you but I care about you and Heather and the kids. Go figure. God can intertwine people with 000's and 111's. Your my brother from another mother, even if we haven't met... yet. Blessings

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Trim. Nothing like a well groomed man. Period.

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bought a used sawtooth g4 for school in 2002. Bought an ibook the same year. It died last year. I spent an agonizing year on a windows laptop. I've had this macbook since Feb. I'll never ever go back! Ever. Unless I have no choice... I also have had multple ipods, now a touch... and when the iphone for verizon makes its appearance... yep.

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The new and IMPROVED pet rock! Now with Volume control!

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seriously. I just got asked to start leading worship again... you have to understand... i did it years ago... i was a pharisee... but God has seriously messed me up the past 2 years... in a good way... and i find myself seriously examining everything as I go into this... and yes... people follow me... and Jesus is my favorite thing to talk about... and I'm so freaking grateful I get to do this!! and forget cover songs... yes I'm doing a bunch of other peoples stuff but I want to write stuff for where our group is... that is ours... that worships God where we are at...

God can't bless you to lead something unless you have been led... and are already being followed...

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Our next sermon series: "How to point towards signs and wonders instead of Christ" Next month we feature "how to lead emotionally based worship and ignore Holiness..."

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EEEWWW!! That is NOT a super Twizzler! DAAAAD!!!

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hahahaahaha.... oooo burn!

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"Not hiring attractive females in the church because it's possibly a temptation of something feels like setting up hedges to me - it's a step away from being a Pharisee. It's also unfair to them and puts the blame on them in a way."

Thank you. This is like saying... "I don't want to exercise self control or be responsible for my own thoughts/actions so I'll just do avoidance instead of dealing with my heart."

Seriously people... you can say all you want that men make great admins too... and I'm here to tell you as a former hiring person... BULL. Women are wired differently than men and the percentage of men that can fulfill that role as well are very low...

It's like complaining about how women dress in your church but as men who head corporations who produce these clothes, not taking the blame for what you put in the stores for them to wear.

How about we tap into the power of the Holy Spirit and GROW UP. Have boundaries, yes... but stop being so religious about it.

I have met my pastor in public... I won't meet him at his house alone. I've spent hours on the phone with him, but his wife knows me very well. You either trust your spouse or you don't.

Stop saying it's because someone is "hot" or not. Most affairs are because people are looking for validation that they are not getting from their own spouse, or their own insecurity issues. Deal with your marriage, deal with your own heart. It doesn't matter if your assistant has a hot bod... what matters is your heart!

I as WOMAN have had to deal with these thoughts... in my past I had some leaders around me that were adorable... and a marriage I wasn't happy with... it lead to things I wouldn't repeat now. I have leadership now that are all honestly very nice looking dudes... but I'm not "attracted" to them like that... because my heart is right. BECAUSE MY HEART IS RIGHT.

Get your heart right. Cling to Christ. Cling to your mate... then you will see that assistant as your sister/brother and be right before God. Before it gets to a place where you fall, your heart is already the issue. Aren't we supposed to have self control? What happened to that part of the fruit of the spirit? It doesn't say fruits... it says FRUIT. We can't pick and choose... we either have it all or we don't.

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I seriously had a dream about living in a candy house. It was wild... granted I wish I'd had the lickable wallpaper.... hrm...