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I was just at Re:create which is a gathering of creatives put together by Randy Elrod. I went feeling very out of place because I have not considered myself to be a "creative" for several years. I blogged about this very thing (and my subsequent change of mind and heart) at . I "used to be" an artist, before I let that part of me whither away. I'm currently on a journey of re-emergence in this area. My role in ministry may not implicitly indicate creativity, but I'm choosing to see it that way anyway.

Thanks for this post, and for the confirmation of what is already going on in me.
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LOVE your word! Rest in that knowledge!
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I love that! My word is surrender - and I'm a little nervous about it! :)

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Great word! Not easy for sure. Praying for God to show himself strong in your life as you discipline yourself!
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I love that! I deal with that people-pleasing thing too. Ouch.

My word is "surrender". I'm a little scared, I don't mind telling you! :)

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Holy flippin' Moses. How scary! Thankful that he's OK - praying for you guys as you figure out what happens next!

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That is exactly where I am today. Thanks for the reminder, Jenni. I "know" it but I don't KNOW know?

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SO beautiful. And Kota's response is an indication of how well you and Brent have raised him, too.

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This morning I was registering my daughter for kindergarten and one of the teachers, who we've known since before Jadyn was born, was bragging about her to another staff member, beaming about how great my kid is. Uber-happy!

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GREAT post - something I need to absorb on a daily basis!