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I've submitted my answers, thanks in part to some of yours.
I've also posted my answers on my blog which opens with your opening paragraph (suitably acknowledged, with links) hope you don't mind.

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Listening to the interview now, funnily enough Pilger has said nearly all the same things I did on my (alternate) blog earlier.

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As you know I've got a Kindle which I've been very happy with, so happy I'm considering buying the new version. Some lucky person will be given my current one.

My biggest bug-bear so far has been the unavailability of some books, due to them not being available outside of the USA (usually due to some sort of copyright thing, or local publishers not wanting Amazon to have them available).

I have increased my reading since getting the Kindle as I've found, generally, that books are cheaper (in some cases free or only a few dollars) even for new books not just the old classics, hence I'm acquiring more.

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oh, one other thing, more and more books are going eBook. You'll note that not all titles available in USA are available in other countries, but this is also changing as publishers start realising they have little choice but to 'join the crowd'.

The launch of the iPad will, despite it not being as good for reading books, (though much better for magazines, comics and picture books) boost the release of books to eBook format. Just look what's happened in the music industry since iTunes got such a big hold on the market.


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I am thoroughly enjoying my Kindle, it really is a very simple but clever device, it does one thing well (and a few other things mediocre) and that is: give you the ability to hold and read many novel style books (fiction or non-fiction). I have heaps of atheist related books and a bible on mine. The ability to search, bookmark and take notes is great for referencing.

I could rave on for ages about it, but will leave you with one big tip - get Calibrehttp://calibre-ebook.com/ manage all your ebooks and convert pdf to ebook.

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ooh, that just makes me angry.
Yes I'd noticed that the Charter of Human Rights didn't get the go ahead, and have read a few articles about that, but I hadn't seen that link to ACL (evil bastards). I participated in one of the Human Rights forums and read some of the submissions. I have no idea how these religious nutjobs like Wallace can think it's a threat to their religion?

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Tony Abott just doesn't have a clue... full stop. :)

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I'm glad you replied, after you posted the link on twitter yesterday I read it, wanted to respond, but was so totally gob-smacked I didn't know what to say. I think you said it all.

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smart and look like Megan Fox, Wow, I'm really looking forward to meeting you at the Atheist Con now! LOL

Where did you find that out?

At least you know that you have been having some sort of influence, well done.

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Unlike DesertGirl I follow a lot of people on twitter ( probably too many :S ) so I rarely look back at previous tweets. As I'm on and off twitter during the day I miss a lot, so re-tweeting at different times of the day is more likely to catch me.

I prefer to see the exact same tweet, like you said Sean, I'll screen it out if I've seen it before, but might get suckered in if you re-worded it.

Got here via your last tweet, after checking twitter on returning from lunch.