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I see a monkey with an elongated nose.

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I think "if it makes you happy" is *politely* telling someone you don't subscribe to magic and I've used it myself.
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Just read about this on The Plum Line ( http://bit.ly/bVHFpG ) & it appears to be the new way to say "I hate Obama". What's worse is that Obama keeps responding with "no, no, no - I am not one of them!!".

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Great smackdown. Especially loved this line:

"...you can’t seem to reason your way out of a wet paper sack, even with the aid of a chain-saw and an angry claustrophobic ferret."

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Here's the thing. I don't care if they think I'm evil. These are people who think the universe exists to serve them. They've made a god out of ignorance as well as arrogance (not to be confused with pride). Seriously. Would you care if Charles Manson thought you were a shithead? Would you argue with & offer evidence to him? I wouldn't.

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I would suggest not quoting the bible unless you know it because it can come back to bite you on your behind.

What I'd suggest is bluntly asking them if they're aware they're calling you immoral (many are ignorant & have no idea that the 'fool' in Psalms 14:1 & Psalms 53:1 is not an idiot, but some one who is immoral).

Or you could go with my first husband's response which was (in his snarkiest tone) "Learn that at church?".

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You do realize that what you wrote is merely a reversal of Ray Comfort's belief that *all* atheists are merely pretending that the Christian god does not exist, yes?

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That sucks. It looks like he's cutting & pasting your posts from the email subscription on Feedburner. The posts even have the unsubscribe link in them.

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Wow. That's just mind boggling.

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What makes this extra hilarious is that someone told him to put Zionist on the sign, but didn't bother to correct 'juice'.